• Cooper and I haven't posted in a while. We've been busy at work!!! Last month I completed my training as a PetSmart dog trainer. One of the job perks is being able to bring Cooper to work with me to help out with teaching and selling classes. He comes in twice a week for shifts that are between 5 and 8 hours long.

    You can see in the photo that he has his own uniform for cooler days. He loves being out on the floor doing customer service, and he's getting better at sitting on his mat under the register. We get to talk a lot about the breed (even met another one yesterday!) and generally help people out with all sorts of questions.

    Cooper's doing great, and only occasionally meets another dog that is a little too forward for him. And he loves middle-aged women for some reason (and they love him, too!). His aloofness confuses many people!!!

  • Way to go Cooper! That is so cool!

  • Way to go Cooper and Congrats on finishing your training

  • That's great! Congrats on your training and how lucky you are to take your sweet puppy to work!

  • Thanks!

    Cooper loves going to work (he gets excited every time I put on my work clothes!). It's also been very good for him socially, and it's giving him that ever-so-needed winter exercize.

    I feel so lucky that we have each other. At 6 months old he was a stray. At 8 months he was rescued from euthanasia at a shelter. At 9 months we brought him into our home. When he started getting more comfortable with other dogs, a Yorkie attacked him (jumped up on his back biting and scratching) and it took another few months to get over his issues with smaller dogs. And now he's going up and initiating conversations with customers to help their families. And he's participated in helping with my first private training student - a Yorkie!!!

  • WOW– Awesome job for both you and Cooper!!! I bet Cooper really enjoys spending his days with you... better than waiting at home!!!

  • I was so surprised to see a basenji at Pet Smart. We spoke with you we were the ones with the male brindle basenji. That is so cool that you get to bring him to work with you, your so lucky he is a very nice black and white. I have two basenjis myself. The one we had with us when you seen us at Pet Smart on Saturday is my son's so that would be my grandbasenji. We have had basenjis for the last sixteen years. Hope to see you and Copper again.

  • We were surprised to see another basenji there too, especially on such a busy day! I came home and told my husband about the reaction they had to each other…. Classic basenji. Sniff. Silence. Ignore. Then Cooper went straight to you. Sometimes I think he only interacts with other dogs to ask, "May I pet your owner?"

  • I'm glad to know Hollie isn't the only Basenji that wants the people interaction! The last playdate we went to Hollie was more interested in the people attention than playing!! I think alot of it started because she is at work with me everyday and is lavished with attention!!

  • It is really great to be able to bring your dog to work. I've been bringing Sol to the gym for the last two weeks, and he is amazingly gentle and tolerant, even with toddlers– I am careful to tell people who fall in love and say they want a basenji that he is unusually tolerant for the breed, and that they need to pick their dog carefully----

    I will try to take a picture too.


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