• A couple of weeks ago, I took Senji with me up to my brother's house for the weekend. As soon as he got there, he rolled around in a pile of my brother's clothes that were laying on the floor of the laundry room. He kept going back to the pile of clothes and even took a nap in them. Later, we were all in the living room, and Senji laid down on my brother's shoes like he was using them for a pillow. He also followed my brother around everywhere he went. (He and his wife were the previous owners) The next day, Senji went into his walk in closet and rolled around in a bunch of his clothes again. He didn't go anywhere near my SIL's clothes nor the kid's clothes. Last week, my brother went in for a colonoscopy. They found a malignant tumor. We were all spooked by Senji's behavior that day. It's like he KNEW!
    The only things Senji usually rolls in is my wet towel after I wash my hair or the pillow, right after I wake up in the morning. So this was NOT typical behavior for him.

  • Yea, I believe Senji knew about the tumor, there are reports that dogs can smell a tumor. I have seen medical programs where they have trained dogs to smell around a person laying on a table and the dog will go to the area where the tumor is located, so yea I believe your B knew. They are amazing animals and is why we love them so much.

  • First of all, I will keep your brother in my thoughts for a full recovery.
    I believe dogs can have a sense of these things. I once saw a program regarding dogs sniffing moles with band-aids over them (the Docs knowing which were the cancerous ones) on people laying on a table (as described by Y&T) and the dog only went to the cancerous moles, not the non-cancerous ones. I believe they are training dogs with bladder cancer as well. I think it is great!

  • Best wishes for your brother. 😞
    I have read articles as well about dogs "sniffing" out cancer- or nosing or biting their owners' cancerous moles. Hopefully Miles doesn't roll all over my hubby's pillow for the same reason though… I'm hoping he just likes the smell...

  • Last year, I had what turned out to be a malignant melanoma(carcinoma in situ) on my right side. That was the side that Senji always "leaned" on when I'd sit on the couch with him.
    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my brother. He'll be having his surgery next week.

  • Best wishes to your brother on a full and speedy recovery!!

    As for Senji knowing, I think he did too! There's more than one reason we call them "man's best friend!!!"

  • Best wishes to your brother - will keep you all in prayers.

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