Sandie is a growing girl…

I took Sandie for her 11 week check up and her 2nd set of shots… she has doubled her weight from 7 lbs. to 13 lbs. Both ears now errect again 🙂 ... I cant believe how much she has grown in 3 weeks ... That day we went and bought her first crate, and so far she has took to it like a refuge... i put a few of her toys in there and she added a few the last few days... So far she has crated for 3 hours with out having a fit to be let out... When i open the door i always tell her how good she is and give her a puppy biscut...her potty training is going well also, very few accidents usually a human error ( my husband forgetting to let her out when im at work ) Until tonight 😞 its raining out and she refused to go out, i turned my back 3 seconds and she wet the floor ( BAD GIRL ) I have a feeling she knew she did wrong she went in her crate and hid her head under the blanket... when i told her bad Sandie you do that outside...I hope to post new photos soon... I so need a digital camera :rolleyes:

Aww! I'm so glad you are enjoying your baby's puppy stage! Sadly I'm missing out on that with my boy Lance! 😢


Until tonight 😞 its raining out and she refused to go out, i turned my back 3 seconds and she wet the floor

My dog put up protest to the rain too, so I took him out on leash. no if's, and's, or but's about it. outside, in the rain, to pee. I did this repeatedly, as he was being housebroken, so he learned no matter what the weather, he goes potty outside. in snow, rain, and sleet. He's never been happy about it, but he learned. While your girl is still young, you may want to take her out on leash, so she accepts going in the rain.

Thats a great idea… I tried the under the tree thing and made sure she had no way to get back inside... she did go outside with a lil protest...

Yea Basenji pups hate rain, my mix will go out in a torrent, my full will look at me like; "Are you nuts, it's wet out there"., gggg! I always walk mine on leashes so that way they have to go out, I am a good mom though and take an umbrella!!! Carole

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