Older Bs - always asleep?

Ziggy is 9 years old and, when he isn't out on a walk or at a dog park, he's asleep. I'm wondering if other Bs in his age range just sleep all the time – ?? ~ Lori ~

Tayda is almost 5 and she also is asleep if not outside walking or at the dog park.

Sometimes even at the dog park she'll lay down and go to sleep. ha ha.

Well mine is 13-1/2 but walking around following me in the house when I'm home. If I sit to watch TV she will fall asleep. She probably sleeps most of the time I'm guessing when I'm not home or get's up ocassionally to go outside in the backyard (I have a dog door).

My dog is only almost a year, and if he is allowed to he will just sleep on my lap all day long, with a short break for food.

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