• hi folks…has anyone noticed that after their boy basenji is neutered he has a problem with controlling his pee? felakuti is peeing now when he gets excited or in the morning he has trouble controlling it until he goes outside. he was neutered a week and a half ago.

  • Hi there…could it be the meds that he's on for the neuter?? I know it took my boy a while to get the potty training down. And he's usually our dog that needs to be let out multiple times a day for a pee break. Our girl is different she can hold it for hours on end it seems.

    Keep trying to work with him it could just be an adjustment issue.

  • I have never had a problem with boys after being neutered… but since it has only been a week and 1/2 could be that he is still healing....

    But again, I have never had that problem. If it continues I would certainly talk to your Vet..,

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