• This photo cracks me up….two basenjis playing with a ball.


  • These pics are great!!

  • Hello Laurel Canyon dog park B-Gang … I'm delighted to announce that Ziggy now has a wonderful little sister! She, too, is a retired show dog whose competition name was "Unexpected Treasure." Her new name is Zen Zhara (pronounced ZAR-uh). She's a fiesty red/white 4-year-old who is definitely going to keep Ziggy on his toes! They're already playing and wrestling in my livingroom; I've even seen her do a few "body slams" to get his attention.

    To avoid wrangling with posting her pic here, send me your e-mail address and I'll send the photos directly.


  • That's wonderful! I can't wait to see the pixs. You have my email address so please send them. I'd love to see her.

    BTW, So Cal 'senji owners I'm planning a June 7th play date at my house in Pasadena. It's a Saturday and it will be at 4:00 p.m. I figure the late afternoon would be nicer than the hot hot weather we had last time. Let me know if anyone is interested and somehow I'll get my address to you.

    There use to be a private email messaging capability on this forum but I don't know what happened to it. 😕 Anyhoo, I'll try to get the info to you.


  • Is there still a Laurel Canyon meetup? I would like to bring my Max.

  • Hi there,
    Yes there is we all meet sat am between 1030 and 11am. We usually get three or four Bs.
    Hope to see you and meet Max.

  • Hey everyone and happy new year. I just wanted to mention that I saw a Meetup posting for Basenji to meet in Laurel Canyon. It just reminded me about trying to get out there again with Savannah. Hope everyone is well and I hope to try to drag her out there–she really doesn't seem to enjoy the whole experience but I love seeing you all and your pups. I'm sure Savannah won't mind tolerating the experience for me.


  • Hi to all…..
    Yes to be clear we are all still meeting up at Laurel Park Sat mornings usually 1030 ish
    we have grown! We now have a posse of about 10! can you believe it?
    Anyone who is interested should bring your B to meet us!

  • Hi to all the Bs, and their people, who are still meeting at Laurel Canyon on Saturday mornings! Ziggy, Zhara, and I are now meeting up with Bs and other sighthounds each Saturday morning at the Magnuson Dog Park, just north of the University of Washington.

    They are both doing great - hope your kids are, too!


  • There have been up to 12 LA basenjis at a time now. That's enough for a calendar. 3 of us are now 2-basenji households. It's pretty crazy when they all start yodeling together.

  • I wish I was there not only would I love to see all of them but also to hear them all. That kind of crazy I like.

    Rita Jean

  • chad, i think we should totally do a basenji calendar!! how great would that be? for 2010.. hm…

  • @peyton300td:

    hey everyone…

    just to let everyone know - i take Roxy to the beach everyday after work in the Marina. there is a group of us that let our dogs (all breeds) run around off leash. we are there around sunset (even 1 hour before).

    if anyone trusts their basenji off-leash on the beach, this is a great place to go.

    the best way to explain where it is:
    -Marina del Rey, near the Channel and the Jetty
    -cross streets - Speedway and Topsail

    hope some of you can make it!


    This sounds great wish I still lived in CA my mom wants to try to visit with her dogs though I was reading this to her she lives in San Fernando Valley

  • Hi all- just wondering if any of you live in south Orange County (I'm in san Clemente) and would like to get your B's together for a meetup? My Sherman hasn't seen another basenji in years! 😞

  • I live in OC. My two boys would love to run around with other "B's". Located in Fountain Valley. Who is in?

  • Come on over to the So Cal thread near this one. I'm in Hemet, someone else is in Redlands, and another is in LA. We might be able to coordinate meeting at a dog park relatively convenient to all of us. I know there are a couple in Pasadena.

  • @Rufous:

    I live in OC. My two boys would love to run around with other "B's". Located in Fountain Valley. Who is in?

    I live near Mile Square Park and own a female Basenji puppy 6 months old. Would love for her to meet another basenji.

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