2007 Nationals ASFA Coursing results

  • Judges: Amy Balthrop and Christie Beetz

    Open - 11
    1st - FC Voyuz Something Like Elvis SC - T. Shadbolt
    2nd - FC Karosel's Pistol Packen Kate,SC - D&C Bright
    3rd - FC Dharian's Levi, SC - D. Voss
    4th - Arubmec's Tri-Bekka, SC - M. Madson & P. Scanlon
    NBQ - Zuri's Ki-Ju At Amun, SC, RN, RA - J. Lange & M. Leighton

    Field Champions - 10
    1st - DC Zuri's Ti-Asabii, SC,FCH - K&M Leighton, D. Troyna
    2nd - Baraka Crown Prince of Cairo - R.Root & W. Bowlus
    3rd - DC Platinum and Nalson At Taji,SC,FCH - L&D Nelson, M. Quinnett
    4th - FC Zuri's Pennii,SC,FCH - M. Madsen
    NBQ - FC Jumanji My Winifred - D. Sehm

    Veterans - 6
    1st - DC Arubmec's Saturn Sattelite,SC - E. Paulson, P. Cembura
    2nd - Ch Tis-A-FoPaw Under D'Influence,JC - J&F Hughes, K&T Leimback
    3rd - DC Sinbaje's Picture Perfect,CD,SC,FCH - L&R Seikert
    4th - DC Zuri's Shada LeChienne Nikita,MC,LCM2 - D.Troyna, M. Leighton
    NBQ - Ch Bushbabies Red Ryder,SC,FCH - T. Gavaletz

    Breeder Stake
    1st - Leighton (Zuri)
    Tie for 2nd - Leighotn (Zuri) & Cembura (Arubmec)
    4th - Voss (Kinetic)

    Kennel Stake
    1st - Hughes
    2nd - Seikert
    3rd - Sehm

    And last but not least, from the Veteran Stake, BOB - DC Arubmec's Saturn Sattelite

    Congratulations to all the winners

  • Congrats to all! 🙂
    Have you got any photos? I just love to see basenjis chasing the plastic bunny 😃

  • Tally Ho!

    Congrats to all, any pictures???:)

  • I had no time for pictures, sorry as I was the Trial Secretary… much work to be done.

  • Pictures should be posted in the next couple of days at http://www.pixf.com

  • Congrats to all!

  • @lvoss:

    Pictures should be posted in the next couple of days at http://www.pixf.com

    Thank you for the link! I spend a nice time going through them! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Any pictures of your dogs?

  • All of my girls were in season and my boy hasn't got a brain right now. There are pictures of 2 dogs that I bred. Not sure which pictures have them in them.

  • Congrats to all!

  • The pictures are great, thanks for the link Lisa.

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