• You all might have seen this but last night we saw a chase commercial, the one with the jack russel terriers meeting at the ATM, anyway, in the beginning there is a poster in the background with a red/white b on it. We were so excited we had to rewind it to be sure. Check for it if you haven't seen it.

  • There's a McDonalds plug for their coffee that looks like it has one in it. We only seem to see the ad in the early morning watching the local news. It is only for a flash you see the dog, but we think it's a r/w basenji.

  • There is a commonly used dog in TV and commercials that is either a Rat Terrier, or a corgi/terrier/basenji/chi mix….I have seen in on law and order, and some other more recent commercials...might be that one. Or it could be a real B...I haven't seen either of the ones mentioned.

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