• Hi, everyone! My name is Karla. I'm in Amarillo, TX. My husband and I have 2 human daughters - almost 7 & 3 1/2. We have 2 furry kids….our "Granny", Maddie, is a 16 year old Blue Heeler and our baby, Jack, is a 10 month old Basenji.

    I had a friend in college who had a Basenji, and I always remembered him as the neatest dog. I'd never seen another one before or since. We decided last winter to get a puppy for the girls. Our oldest was asking a lot of questions about Maddie dying, etc, and we thought it may be a little easier transition if we have another dog. Anyway, I was looking in the paper to see what was available and was floored to see an ad for Basenji puppies.

    The girls absolutely LOVE Jack. They call him their baby. He's completely tolerant of them and doesn't even play bite or play rough with them like he enjoys doing with us adults. He can be a stubborn little stinker, but when I'm working with him like I should he's SO responsive to training. And who could resist how cuddly and lovey he is!?!

    I wish I had access to my pics. I'm temporarily using a different computer, so will have to post pictures another time.

    I posted a question about collars, so if anyone has suggestions in that department I'd love that!

    Look forward to getting to know everyone!

    Karla in TX

  • Welcome and can't wait to see pics

  • Welcome! Where did you find Jack?

  • Hello and welcome. I look forward to seeing MANY pictures. 🙂

  • Welcome…looking forward to seeing your family and hearing from you!

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