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Got our results of Fanconi test-
Pizhon s Knjazheskogo Dvora

Tim Spirit Dzhubili

I'm so happy!

now it's time to check the other 2 of my 4 dogs- Pchelka and Basma. Plan to order the test these days :))) Keep fingers crossed for us 😉

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Hello everybody :))) Thanks for such a warm reception.
We have good news-we've gave blood for tests in Finland and now are waiting for the results.
I want to apologoze to our russian breeders, I haven't had the recent information. Most of them passed the test, ordering saleva tests in the USA. I'm sorry or desinformation.

PiaMerete, Tim Spirit Dzubili was born on the 2th of January 2007.

Thank you.

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soulmate , B/w are my favourites ;)))
Your Panda's very cute!!!
Rita's a little bit alike with the face with her, but as I read-Rita's a little bit smaller(she's the smallest girl in my Kennel)-38cm and 8,5-9kg

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Hej and welcome to the forum.
I have been very busy for a while, please excuse my late reply to your introduction.
It seems, as if there are a few more black and white Basenjis in Moscow than I have known off. I am owned by Lis Glamur Velikaya Panda-Monkey, born in November 2007 in Moscow. I think your black and white girl, Rita?, looks quite familiar to me. Is it possible, that maybe her mother is Gabriella Etual Hanacek?

Many greetings from Denmark


Hi:) Nice to meet you!
Nice to meet russian basenjis here!
No, my Rita is no way ralative to Gabriela. Her mother is Rus Ahmar's Yashma and father Rebessita Tango Massai, she's not from Moscow, but from St. Petersburg

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Thank you everyone!
I've broken my camera unfortunately :(( But recently our daughter Alya (Itury Puzzle Abimbola Aliet Anulika)visited us with her owner, my friend Tatiana.
Here are some fotoes

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Basenjimamma,Rita Jean , thank you very much for such a warm atmosphere and pleasant words about my dogs- I'll pass it to them (Especially Rita loves when smb spaks good of her- she sits and demonstrates how perfect she is, my friends call her a "super model") :)))
like this

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She didn't really say which dog, and now she has avoided my question! I will send another e-mail to her.

Please, do it, if it's possible.
Because I feel strange of this…
I can say, anyway, that all my dogs are now here, with me and they don't lack anything.

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Hi Katerina and welcome. Very well put and the comment about there all my children. Thank you.

Rita Jean

Thank you very much- It's such a hapiness to see, how they're growing up, how they change, how they recognize me (yes, yes, they really do) even after some months (5-6 if they live in the other city)-wagging their curly little tails, how they become champions in shows(i'm so proud at that moments), how their owners change because of life with them 🙂
Becides, basenji gave me many-many good and interesting friends-I'm greatful to them.

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I have millions of fotoes- some of them are in my facebook page (Katerina Roschina), but we're now in the country with my dogs and my daughter- the internet here is with the phone-so it's difficult and expencive to post photoes. I'm very sorry…Promise to post as much-as possible!

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tanza . Anyway, I've already confirmed the appointment for blood test for 2 dogs that go with me, I think the rest two will have the saleva test little bit later-no matter, I want my dogs to live good and healthy and to know what to be ready for.

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