• Hello! I'm new to forums, so hopefully I'll figure this out šŸ™‚
    I have 2 B's of my very own: 10 yr old semi-retired superstar Ciara and almost 4 yr old promising clown Lucy. They both have their Am and Can Champ, plus novice rally titles. Ciara has loads of agility titles and Lucy is just getting started, we hope to go far together. I also usually have at least one Basenji visitor at any given time.
    I love to see people try something new with their dog and acheive all their goals!

  • Nice to have you aboard; Iā€™m looking forward to many wonderful posts.

  • Brenda is a wonderful basenji owner.
    Just ask her about her great job at Rally at the EBC.
    You all rocked Brenda!
    Sharron Hurlbut

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