Introductions for Luna and I
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    Good morning!

    I'd like to introduce myself and my first dog Luna. My name is Josh, I'm 27, and I work in the medical research field.

    Our beautiful new dog is Luna. She's a Basenji mix. I had never actually heard of a Basenji until we brought her to a few pet stores. We got her from the a local animal control center. What drew me to her out of all of the other dogs there was that she wasn't making a sound. Which after research Basenjis, I now understand why. She does bark, but in 3 days she's only let out 4 barks. 1 because she was excited to go on her 2nd walk with us and the 3 barks were when she was letting my wife/daughter know that someone was here (which it was me coming home from work).

    The local animal control shelter was horribly wrong about her statistics, they stated that she was a German Shepherd mix (wrong), 6 months old (wrong - 1-2 years old), Microchipped (wrong), 25 lbs (wrong - 41 lbs). This could be common among animal control shelters, but it was my first venture into one.

    It's early, we've only had her for 3 days, but we are completely in love with her. We absolutely love the breed and couldn't imagine owning anything different.

    I apologize if the pictures don't post correctly. This is also my first time joining a forum. Let me know if they are not viewable and I will reattempt.

    Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and their beautiful dogs! :)


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    Looks like the pictures didn't post. Let me try again…

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    Welcome as a new Basenji person, you will probably have lots of questions in the future, this is a great place to get answers. Enjoy your new B.

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  • Awww, cutie! Look'a those ears!! haha

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  • Very cute, don't see much Basenji there, but all are welcome

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    Welcome to the Forum - doesn't matter what she is she's lovely, I know.

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    Very cute, don't see much Basenji there, but all are welcome

    She's a Basenji mix, we have yet to figure out what she is mixed with though.

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  • Welcome Josh and Luna - glad to have you here with us!

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  • Welcome to the forum:)

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  • Welcome to the forum.
    I do see a tiny bit of G.S. in her body so maybe that was correct. Maybe the animal shelter gave you the wrong animal! Doesn't matter, you love her, she loves you.

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