• Haven't posted in ages - in fact I had to reset my password because I forgot it! We were in Texas all summer and didn't have internet, then when we got it I just didn't have time to get to the Forums…

    But, I still want to brag! At the Reliant Series in Houston, our then 8 month old boys, Dinger and Kivu, went for their second try in the ring. Dinger took majors Friday and Saturday and Kivu took the major on Sunday!!

    Probably didn't make too many new friends that way, but we were really ecstatic. They won't be back in the ring until the Arizona Specialty in September; hope they don't forget everything by then.


  • Old news or new news.. news like that is always GOOD news!!

    Congrats to everyone, and best of luck in September.

  • CONGRATS!!! You MUST be so proud 😃

  • Congrats to all! Great news!

  • Congrats!!!

  • Old news is good news….Congrats! Pictures?.......:D

  • Hoping for better pictures than those we got in Houston. (the one from Sat. was so bad even the photographer wouldn't print it, just sent a little proof sized one) Maybe Arizona?

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