IMPORTANT NOTICE! National Specialty News

  • DANGER WILL ROBINSON … DANGER WILL ROBINSON (if that doesn't date me!)

    While the 2009 NS website has been shut down since the beginning of 2010 anyone using an old link can still pull up cached (stored) pages; apparently some people are doing just that and are erroneously going back to these stored pages and placing orders, et al. This is a BIG NO NO!!!

    We ask that people please, please, please PAY ATTENTION and make sure they are at the 2010 Specialty page when placing orders, donations, reservations.

    We do not know if we can recover monies being sent to the 2009 Paypal account and ask that folks contact Paypal and have the funds stopped from going to the 2009 account and/or transferred to the 2010 NS account; only the account holder of the money being sent can initiate this kind of change.

    The 2010 Specialty website is:

    Thank you!

    Subaru Ej Engine Specifications

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