Looking For Specific Leash

At the dog shows I found these rope leashes that had a metal clasp on both ends with a metal circle in which you could latch the metal clasp to make a handle. They are used as a leash and to tie up your dog really quick. I can't seem to find it online anywhere. I wish I would of purchased one at the dog show but the day I planned on it they were not there. All the rope leads I find only have a clasp on one end. 😞
Does anyone know what I am talking about? If so…where can I purchase one rather than waiting till another show 🙂

I know what you are talking about, I have never seen them in the states but they do have them here in Germany. I have seen several web sites with them, I'm at work right now though so I don't have the same favorites. I look them up when I get home tonight and post it here for you.

Thanks WBL…For a while there I was thinking people must think that I am crazy for asking about this. 😃
When ya can..please fwd me the links

LOL, I don't think you're crazy, those leashes are actually all that I have right now for Reggie, he's got about 3 different ones. I love them, the ones I have actually have two rings, so you can put the leash almost in half to shorten it or make full length. ANd they work great when you are out and about you can hook them up to anything.

Here's a nylon one (black with gold color snaps)

Here's some more but it's a UK site

I hope these help a little, I will look for some more later, but I do know that they are harder to find in the states. And everywhere seems to have a different name for the style, lol, so googleing is hard too.

I can take pictures of the ones I have and post them too.

Thanks WBL!
Thats the style but the ones that I saw are a much thicker rope. I worry that the nylon will be too thin where Chance will eat through it.

Sorry I didn't back sooner I was out of town for the weekend. I'll look for some other sites, my problem is I have four different computers at home I use and each one has different favotires LOL. I know somewhere I have a site that lists a varity of different ones.

Here's some more sites





(picture doesn't show right leash and it's a new zealand site, but I have a rogz multi purpose leash and its great, very durable) http://www.furrkids.co.nz/shop/SHOP+DOG/Leads+&+Harnesses/ROGZ+Multipurpose+Lead.html


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