The Dog Catcher - happy ending

  • When I moved to Okinawa I took my basenji with me of course. I believe she was the only one on the island.

    One morning I opened the door and she bolted. The dog catcher was at the end of the driveway. On Okinawa the dog catcher rides around in a truck with a big cage on the back and he has a loud speaker that plays the sound of kids playing and calling their dogs. Well, the dog catcher nabbed my dog even though I was just two feet away. He wouldn't give her back even though the crazy American woman was yelling at him in Japanese he just ignored me. I followed the truck around in my car and got out every time he stopped. Still wouldn't give me my dog.

    I found out where the dog pound was (conveniently located next to a medical research facility by the way). I got my husband from work and we drove like mad. Japanese cars have a bell behind the seat and when you exceed the speed limit the bell dings. Well, needless to say the bell dinged all the way to the pound!! When we got there the guy behind the desk wasn't too helpful. He collected about a fifty bucks from me and opened a door to the back of the building. There were huge cages with all kinds of dogs mixed together. My dog was nowhere to be seen. The guys at the pound really thought I was crazy when I just stood in the middle of the room and started calling my dog. As soon as she heard my voice she started barooing and my husband and I started zeroing in on her. We opened the door and there were a bunch of pure bred dogs in individual cages. Wow, they must have know what she was!! We snagged her and got her out of there pronto!! What an experience!! She never tried to get out when she heard the sound of the dog catcher again!!

  • Woah! That is a crazy story! I'm glad it all worked out in the end!!

  • OMG :eek: :eek: that sounds scary!! Note to self…never move to Okinawa.

  • I would have just stood just like you did, and my hubby probably would have gone as biserk as me. He loves my Sahara, I have never seen a man so crazy about a dog as he is about my girl. I am so glad it turned out good, that was too close for comfort. 😃

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