• I have added a third basenji to my pack as of last night.

    I went to our Tampa basenji meet and there was a woman that came with a little basenji brindle girl that they had for 3 weeks. I gave her my number to call to meet up for play dates in the future.

    2 days ago she called me at night completely over the little girl. She is pregnant and the basenji is jumping all over her. She nips. She peed on her bed. She has an unfixed male cat that is spraying her house.

    Basically there was no way to convince her to continue. Lovely woman, but a basenji just wasnt the dog for her.

    She told me the girl is from a Breeder out here who is getting out of breeding and gave it to her for free. I did some research and I believe the breeder the little girl came from was a believer of raw diet for her show dogs.

    A raw diet is great if you are a fan of the breed and understand the responsibilities. In this case it appears the little girl was about a few weeks away from death. I can see her poop shoot externally (no butt fat at all). I am guessing that the 3 week owner had her on grocery store food which probably didnt suit the little raw diet girl and she stopped eating.

    She poops about 10 minutes after she eats her stomach is so small.

    BUT! She does not appear to have any abuse other than being kenneled a lot to the point of her ears being bald.

    Her personality is great. She was innitiating play with my boys as soon as she was in the house. No accidents either.

    She seems to not know any English! LOL, so we are working on her vocabulary. She is the exact color of Cairo and the same size! They say she is 3 years old but she acts like a 6 month old.

    I will be keeping her for 1 month, getting her weight on, acclimating her to indoor life as a pet and basic training. I will try to get her spayed before she goes to a friend of mine's home as a forever pet.

  • OMG! You are amazing. How wonderful of you to take the poor sweet girl. Keep us posted on how she progresses. Of course, pictures are needed!! You'll have to change your signature too…at least temporarily!! wink wink

  • I am going home to let her out and feed her a bit. Will be back in an hour with cell phone photos for you guys to see…..

  • Good luck Mantis, that's cool of you to do that.🆒 🆒 🆒 🆒

  • ha ha, no basenji park for me….I see what you are doing...LOL. 3 is enough

    Ok, so they were fantastic at lunch. The boys sat in the sun. Cairo followed little girl all around. And Little Girl didnt stop moving. That is her MO. I suppose she will settle down after the weekend.

    Here are pics, sorry they are from my cell phone. The darker brindle is Cairo my 7month old boy.

    She is definately underweight and probably could use 5 lbs at least. We will be taking her over to Petsmart tomorrow for a check up and I will weigh her there.

    She has worn spots on her pressure points from being in a kennel with no mat all day.

    She has bald ears probably from the crate and ate an entire can of Natural Balance Duck and Potato at lunch time.

  • ha ha, Caesar is smiling in the last pic in the background!

  • Aw, isn't she a pretty little girl! She'll look amazing once you get some weight on her and she gets healed from being cooped up all the time. She really fits right in with the "boys"…I did notice Caeser smiling too! How cute, he looks like the proud patriarch of your little growing family!
    Keep us posted on their progress...

  • @Mantis:

    ha ha, no basenji park for me….I see what you are doing...LOL. 3 is enough

    😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

    Basenji Park south:D:eek: . I'd love wintering in Florida and would certainly love to visit!:D

    She is a pretty gal…..the boys will love her.

  • does she look 3yrs old? Her energy level is matched to Cairo's. It is hard to imagine she is 3.

  • @Mantis:

    does she look 3yrs old? Her energy level is matched to Cairo's. It is hard to imagine she is 3.

    We have two 3year old females that hang with our two younger boys. One of them is as active if not more than the boys and the other not…..both are spayed.

  • It's really great you found her a new home and rescued her.

    I think it will be easy to put weight on a basenji.

  • well now that I realize she was on a raw diet it makes sense how she lost the weight so fast when on normal food. I will have her fat and happy soon!!

    She hasnt spent any time with me yet. She is all about the boys….

  • I also could use some suggestions for names. Dreamer isnt too house pet friendly….looking for something warmer....

    So far we have thought of:


    Can't use:
    (girls in our pack)

  • **Congrats on the new addition to the pack, it was meant to be. 😃

    When you get the time have a look at names.com it can be very helpful.**

  • AWWWW!!!! that's my little girl!!!! i'm stoked, first dog of my own, and it's a BASENJI!!!! I'm super excited and scared. SOOOO anyone with any pointers, please let loose…I'm going to be a sponge during this process...soak up all the knowledge I can.

    I think I will name her Dinah. Or something african. Would still love suggestions.

    Gosh...I'm stoked.

  • Did the previous owner or Mantis contact the breeder of this dog? It is possible there was a written contract involved requiring the return of the dog.

  • She's so beautiful Mantis! What a fabulous thing you've done! I'm sure she will blossom under your care! Kudos to you!!!

  • She is too cute! Good luck, thankfully you were in the right place at the right time. That little girl has a guardian angel watching her!

  • It was so great for you to take on the challenge of this little girl. She is way too skinny, I know that you will get her looking beautiful with your loving care. She is one blessed Basenji, and I love the name Diliah, she looks the name.

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