Latest picture of Sandie

i have'nt posted in a long time… i come tonight and missed sooooo much 😞 ... here is the newest picture of my Sandie.. she's a year old now 🙂 ... I hope i did this right :o

She is sooo cute! Welcome back!

Basenji Mix

Hello Sunny! It's wonderful to see Sandie again!! She's all grown up and looks happy and healthy. I remember the story of her beginning with you…that was so touching and interesting. Glad you're back and posting again.

Thanks its good to be back …. Ill be posting more pictures soon as i get my digital camera.. i took that one with my cell phone it takes ok pictures but ....
We will be taking Sandie with us on vacation...since we cant leave her home and she cant stay with a sitter... and bording her is out of the question... (husband freaks out at the mention she will alone at night) any sugestions ?

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