• So, I am really awake right now. I let the furkids out back (fenced in area) and looked out my bedroom window and saw two dogs trotting through the development. I grab my cell phone (of course they will have tags on, who doesn't keep tags on their dog?! :mad: ) and head out the door and call the puppies over. Well, the adorable black one runs over to me and his brown pitbull looking brother snarls his teeth and growls at me. I didn't think running would be smart, I am out of shape and they are definitely faster so I backed up to my house door with them following me and slipped back into my house. They were distracted by my two in the backyard which is on the side near my front door so I was able to get back there with them paying more attention to my dogs.

    This is not the first time pitbulls have just trotted through our neigborhood loose. I am sorry, I know that I should not be singling out a breed but this breed scares me. I still would try to help them if they had tags on and had not growled at me (I know they were probably scared) but again, no tags.

    I do not get while people do not keep tags on their dogs around here. I found an adorable Beagle trotting down the main road in front of my development on Friday and had to turn him over to Animal Control. No tags just a chain collar and a flea collar (that was weird to me also). I also took him to my vet before Animal Control came and he didn't have a microchip either.

  • I found an adorable Beagle trotting down the main road in front of my development on Friday

    There's something you don't see to often, a beagle that wonders away!

    Our neighbors had a beagle that would get loose and run away once a month.

    We catch loose dogs too when we see one. Never had pitbulls wandering the neigborhood though. Coyotes & foxes yes.

  • @Barklessdog:

    There's something you don't see to often, a beagle that wonders away!.

    You're kidding right?? I think that may be why there are so many beagles in shelters, they stick their nose to the ground and just go.

  • Sorry, bad sarcassim!

    Beagles are a lot like toucans, they follow their nose, where ever it goes.

  • I know. It always amazed me when I worked in vet practices and we would call people and they would be so shocked that their pet beagle just wandered off.

    Our beagle is the exception. She is too afraid to run far. I still don't tempt it though.

  • The owner of the beagle I was talking about, got a miniature dachshund since his beagle passed away. He was telling me how 'Clark' the beagle would just look for ever opportunity to get loose and mosey away. They are really sweet dogs though. Although I know another sweet beagle that for some reason attacked a girl at an Indian Princess camp out. Bit her in the face with her face bleeding. She laid down in a tent next to the dog while it was sleeping (not her dog)

    Back to run away dogs-

    About a month ago I was walking our dogs with my daughter and a Springer spaniel was loose, ran right in front of a car, the car slammed on it's brakes missing the dog by inches. The dog then takes off running back and forth across the busy street. I hand our dog's leashes to my daughter and went after the spaniel, which at first avoided me, then came to me. I tried holding the dog by it's collar, but it was not a choker and the collar was starting to slide over it's head, he was not co-operating, so I picked up the dog and carried him on his back to the house I thought it belonged to.

    The lady that almost hit the dog, parked in a drive a few houses away and came running to see if the dog was OK. When she saw me carrying the dog like that she was practically crying saying he just run in front of my car, I did not mean to hit him. I told her the dog was fine and finally the owner finally comes out, unaware of what happened, grabs the dog and says "I just left him in the car while I was dropping my son off, I guess he jumped out the window" I look at the van & the windows are all the way down. I told him he was running in front of cars and I caught him. He did not even thank me or apologize.

    I yelled at the idiot, and told him "Your dog came this close to getting hit by a car". He just got in the car with the dog and drove off. Some owners are both irresponsible and ungrateful. I was steaming!

  • There seems to be an upswing in agressive beagles as well. I am not sure if it is poor breeding or what. We had several in practice and it was usually the owners fault. I remember one that was snapping really bad at the kids. I picked him up and was talking to them about how to change his behavior and he snapped at me. I gave them some tips and they said he was better.

  • My great-uncle breeds beagles for rabbit hunting so when I was a kid he gave me one as my first puppy. We ended up having to nickname her houdini. No matter what alterations my dad made to the fence we would still get weekly calls from the neighbors telling us our dog got out AGAIN! Needless to say we were not allowed to get another beagle after that, my dad said he couldn't take another one 😃

  • Here is the worst part about the Beagle that I found. He still has not been picked up from the shelter and Animal Control told me today that the will not hold him for adoption and he will probably be put down unless someone comes in and puts the paperwork in to adopt him now. He will be able to be adopted on Tuesday and they told me because they get hunting dogs all the time he will probably be put down.

    I contacted a Beagle rescue group and I am hoping to be able to have them get him. I also told a guy I work with about him and he may be interested.

    I feel bad, it is almost like letting him roam free he might have found a better fate or his way home.

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