Max is gorgeous! Congrats on those nice wins! What is his registered name?

Hey what is Max's pedi?

Max is Jumoke's American Dream

Am Ch Jumoke-Quita Dreamcatcher JC x Jewel Hill Of The Nile

His pedigree is in Sally Wallis's "Basenji Pedigree Search"

As I've said before, He is stunning!
And as far as the antics in the ring, well….they sure add some spice!

The judge that day seemed {to me} to be quite taken with him.

he's beautiful and did I read that correct he is just now showing as an older dog having already coursed to title?

I love how they put MAJOR on the showboard for the picture. Wish photographers would do that more often. Also wish when you earned a major it was a little different color ribbon then just a solid purple.

What a gorgeous fella you have. I feel left out, having a basenji mix I don't get to participate in shows. Could run in practices at lure coursing but not in trials. Oh well, I love my basenji/whippet mix anyway!!

max is sooo gorgeous! so is his daddy! max seems very sweet and playful too. handsome dog. go jumoke!

Max is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!! I just love a gorgeous brindle!

You oughta see him in person – stunning, as you said, with personality PLUS!

My husband and I have always loved the dark brindles, there are just so few around here. Would love to find one, Rocket would love a little sister!

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