I just noticed that Zahra is beginning to get spots, is this normal? She has never had them before and they have just begun to appear in the last few months. She is 1 1/2 years old.

Spots where?

Abby has gotten some new spots that she didn't have before she is just over a year. They kinda look like sun spots or liver spots that you would see on us. I just figured it was a B thing. She has some on her belly and the tops of her knees and on her hoo-ha.

Could be just freckles

Zahra has them the same places as abby it sounds like

I believe it is a Basenji thing, Sahara has had them since she was a pup, maybe beginning at 5 months old. They are everywhere now, no biggie, just a THING!!!!!!

Yes this is normal. I posted a thread just like this asking the same question. They are freckles and it is totally normal.

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