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Seeing the post above gave me some comfort, but our red/white female 1yr-8mo has been getting a lot of spots. Is this a cause for concern? Do these look like freckles?

alt text

alt text

@coloradocolby - No concerns, many Basenjis have these... some more than others and many become more noticable with age

@coloradocolby My girl has freckles... I do, too! 🙂 No worries. Freckles have rounded borders and are visible, but appear to be "under" the skin.

Not-a-freckle has jagged edges, is usually raised above the skin, feels kind of bumpy (like a scab). When it's "not-a-freckle", get a Vet's opinion.

As Tanza says, definitely not a cause for concern. And what a nice pink tummy!

@elbrant - These are totally normal for Basenjis

@tanza said in Lots of spots...:

totally normal for Basenjis

Agreed, Freckles are normal. Not-a-Freckle's are not.

Yes, freckles.
If ever my girl has to be shaved, she'd be like a pink spotted lil' piggie 🤗 !!!

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