• Hello all! I recently have been talking about my B's spaying surgery and how nervous I was to have it done, but everything went great (July 3rd). However, Thursday morning my husband and I woke up and noticed her to be spotting in the bed. Of course we called the vet to ask why this was happening after we just had her spayed? The lady there said it could have been we had her spayed during her heat cycle and she should get it out of her system in a few days. Is this bad that this is going on? We DID NOT notice any spotting on the day of her surgrey so I'm a little confused??!!

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  • If she was spayed on July 3rd and didn't start spotting until July 10th, I don't think this could be from being in season when spayed. Are there any other symptoms?

    Was the lady you talked to on the phone the vet or just one of the employees? If it was not the vet, they I would call back and be sure to get the vet on the phone. Does she have a follow up appointment?

  • And is she still spotting? You said that you noticed it on Thursday? I would agree that you need to talk directly to the Vet, I would say too that if she was spayed on the 3rd and now spotting on the 9 or 10th… it would not be from her being in season. And 99% of the time, the Vet would have known that she was in season when he/she did the spay and would have said something..... Are you sure it was blood?

  • No, there are no other symptoms she is acting just fine, normal for her. I'm not really sure if the lady was a vet tech, another employee or the vet. Somebody different always answers. No, she doesn't have a follow up they used stiches that dissolve so we didn't need to come back.

    Yes, she is still spotting. I'm hoping it will stop tomorrow if not I guess I'll take her back on Monday to get checked out. And yes it is blood.

    Now I'm even more worried. What should I do? It's not a lot of blood.

    Good news the incision looks great!

  • If you vet office is open I would call and ask to speak with the vet. The people who usually answer the phone are the techs or office staff.

    She will definitely need a follow up appointment. IME, spotting is not normal after a spay.

  • Always talk to the vet. I hate getting the run around on stuff. If you feel they aren't listening to your concerns, do what I did and get a 2nd opinion. It's worth it. 🙂

  • Houston

    I just had my daughters Schnauzer mix spayed a month ago, and while they were in there they realized she was still in "heavy heat", she had what is called a false pregnancy for a month, so once we decided she was probably done with it we went ahead and had her spayed…my point, she did not spot at all, and she was very much in heat while they were working on her. I too would say get her to the vet and make sure something else is not going on.

  • This is probably a crazy question…Are you sure that the blood is coming from her vagina...

    When Ruby was nearing her heat cycle, I would check her with a napkin or paper towel. Have you actually checked Akeyla (physically or visually) and are sure that is where the blood is coming from.

  • Thank you all for your help with our issue. I will take her the vet on Monday to find out what is going on and then I willl update everyone.

    If it's not blood what else could it be? Even if it's not blood should I still worry? Any questions I should I ask the vet?

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