• Hello! My B has a white lump on her tongue that i noticed just recently. I am concerned about it. Has anyone else experienced this with their B's?

  • I have not seen this, but if you have concerns a vet is indicated.
    We might off suggestions, but the vet is the way to go when you see something that concerns you.
    PLease let us know how it goes and what the vet says.

  • Might be a pappiloma, looks like a hard white spot that turns into a wart-like growth, then just falls off. Topper had one on his inner cheek and I totally freaked and rushed to the vet, she said you usually see them in puppies but they are a virus and can be transmitted. Nicky then got one, and Eddie did on his lip. The vet said pups can have many, many of them all in their mouths but they just go away after awhile. Hopefully that's what it is, the vet can tell you for sure.

    Anne in Tampa

  • If it goes away if a few days, maybe your B just bit its own tongue. Otherwise, I'd have the vet check it out. If your dog would let you, get a 2x2 gauze square and pull your dog's tongue out and feel the white spot, and see if it wipes off with the gauze. Since the mouth is always wet, wounds in the mouth tend to look white.

  • Thank you! I am new to owning a Basenji and am very excited about this forum. I will check with the vet and post how it goes.

  • So I went to the vet and it turns out the "lump" is probably a fat/cholesterol cyst. I have no idea why this would happen but the vet said its probably nothing to worry about. I've been checking it regularly and I swear its almost gone….good news!

  • Glad to hear it is getting better. I always panic with anything mouth related because of fear of cancer.

    Um Jeremiah, this is a dog. If you can tell me how to train a dog to gargle, I'd love to hear it. While fenugreek is safe for dogs, you do want to check any self-help advice for people and make sure the ingredients are safe for dogs. Too much lime juice can change pH level. Worse the article recommends tea tree oil. It is toxic when ingested.

  • White spots on tongue is not a disease but merely a symptom that is seen in many oral conditions, some benign and harmless and some serious. Although on most occasions, these white spots on tongue are asymptomatic in nature, there are times when they may be accompanied by pain and burning sensation in the mouth, especially on the intake of spicy food. Given below are the causes and treatment of white spots on tongue.The treatment of white spots on tongue will depend on the factor causing it. In case of pre-cancerous lesions, it is of utmost importance that the person stops the intake of tobacco completely. He must get the condition properly diagnosed though, to begin with, after which the doctor will mostly prescribe vitamin A supplements and ointments to apply on the lesion.

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