Compulsive licking!

Hi there,
Does anyone know why my 11 year old male licks the sheets and pillows at night? He sleeps with my 5 year old daughter. He didn't always do this, it's fairly new, and getting worse. Thanks!

My B, Sahara loves to lick, me, the sheets, pillows, lots of stuff, she licks herself alot also. I hope someone can shed light on this.

Sugar does it-no one else! I think it has something to do with your scent/smell.

Nala does this too. Only on my husband's pillow. I have said this before, but it's like Pepe Le Pew and the cat. Total love!

hmm, yea Jack licks the carpet and pillows sometimes, its really kind of annoying to me but i think its just something ill have to get use to. glad hes not the only one, lol.

I think that by licking the fabric it realeases some of the smell embedded in it.

I can't figure out why my pants taste sooo darn good. Chance won't stop licking!

Senji likes to lick the pillowcase and sometimes the bedspread. Sometimes he'll just roll on the pillow instead.

our fermale likes to lick my pillow soaking wet!


Funny story about licking…my husband came home with a pizza stain on his pants. I thought oh well there goes that! I can never remove grease stains. So I threw in the laundry bag & my little TOPAZ found it was licking like a maniac...low & behold the stain was GONE!!! :eek: :eek: She literally licked away the about licking 😃 😃

Basenji Clean!! 😃

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