• I have a 14 week old female. I have a couple 30" crates at home, but looking to purchase one for the car. Does the travel car crate need to be the same size? Any brand recommended? Do they come with dividers so I don't have to keep buying crates as she grows?

    Also, has anyone used a doggie car seat for a basenji?

  • I've been using a car seat in mine but she will not settle in it at all, she will perch, stand inside, stand outside (even though she's anchored to it) and do every other combination aside from sit or lie down nicely. I've been through 3 different seats and they've all had the same effect. When she was smaller I got one which was like a box which was raised and that was probably the most successful one but she grew too big for it quickly.

  • I used the same size crate for a puppy as I do for an adult with a bit more bedding material. Your breeder should be able to advise you but if not, go to a dog show where you can talk to breeders as well as see the types of crates they recommend you use.

  • So I ended up trying a booster seat after all. The pet store told me they would give me a refund even if the puppy chewed it up. The puppy loves her her booster seat! She mostly just curls up and naps, sometimes she sits up to look out the window. When we put her metal crate in the car, it kept rattling, making noise. She was nervous and crying. So the booster seat was the solution for us.

  • What does it look like?

  • 70431236579__DD5963DF-7322-4066-87E5-A885293200B4.jpeg

  • IMG_4697.jpeg

    I purchased it at Petco. She's tethered to it and she can sit up or lie down. She lies down after a few minutes and falls asleep.

  • Ah ok cool thanks, I had something like that when Safi was smaller and it was the most successful for sure. She outgrew it quite quickly though

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