• Hi all,

    My basenji Hugo is 8.5 months old and after the initial puppy nightmare passed has been pretty easy so far.

    Recently though he's taken to absolutely obliterating his soft toys within seconds of being given them. My general approach has been to supervise and take them away once the destruction begins, but now it seems he's realised that the couch is soft too, and begun to attack that.

    I'd like to nip this in the bud as quickly as I can. I have some bitter spray that I apply to any furniture he takes a shine to but it doesn't seem to last. Are there any other approaches I could take?

    He gets two hourlong walks a day. Usually he'll come in from the first, we'll have a little training session and then he'll sleep until about 2 pm. At that stage I usually give him something meaty to chew or a feeding toy that will keep him occupied until walk number 2. I've read a lot about destructive behaviour arising from boredom, but his routine hasn't changed lately.

    I work from home so he's semi-supervised throughout the day. Should I just be making sure he stays in the same room as me?

    Thanks for your help!

  • It's been my experience that a prompt, firm, "no" at the moment of indiscretion is the best solution. Yelling is not necessary. Neither is acting like the sky is falling, jumping up, or lurching towards the dog. If you are right there (as in sitting next to the dog) when it happens, you can put your hand over the spot and reinforce your command with eye contact.

    It's a simple, effective, method.

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of teenage Basenjis. My first Basenji, who joined the family at 11 months old, was thoughtfully destructive until she died at age 14.5. Thoughtful as in she thought about what to destroy before turning our belonging into trash. Ella was the devil.

  • @senjisilly LOL ( couldn't help it )

  • I was a little pre-occupied earlier today, and Doodle displayed her displeasure at my constant delays... how? She got up on the sofa and did this little prancing-dancing thing. Like she was saying, "haha, look at me misbehaving". LOL oh yeah.... if that is her "breaking bad", I'm in trouble, she's got my heart!

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