• Does anyone have any ideas for treats/toys that keep basenjis busy and focused? We currently stuff a kong with some kibble, fill it with water and freeze it (we call it a Kong-cicle). If you try this - you have to put some peanut butter at the bottom of the kong to keep the water from running out at first. It keeps him busy and focused on somethng for at least a half hour. Any other suggestions?

  • Compressed Raw Hide
    Buster Cube
    Chicken Broth Ice Cubes (Could be messy though)

  • Ours like to play Hide & Seek (winter game). I put them in their crates, then I get two toys, stuff them full of treats, I let them sniff them. Next a I run around the house and hide them. I usually put them in something they have to get the treat out of. Then let them free. They always find it!

    If im walking around the house I will tie a long strip of cloth to a toy and drag it around the house behind me.

    they love cat toys as well. It's surprising how gentle hey can be with them.
    Our male loves his fuzz ball on a string. We play basenji fishing or catch it in the air.

    floor chase

    Basenji fishing. Oh look I caught one!

    Flying through the air to catch it!

  • fetch indoors. when they fetch, you hide….they look for you and get so excited!

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