Introducing a doberman puppy to senior basenji

  • Hi, as some of you know Kiya crossed the rainbow bridge a few months ago, succeeded by Chance, who is still relatively healthy and is now 16. Chance is very chill, friendly with everyone including other dogs in the neighborhood, and sleeps most of the time nowadays except for 3 daily walks.

    We are thinking about bringing home a doberman puppy into our house in a few months. I am curious about your experiences with bringing a puppy in with a senior male basenji in the house.

  • @tanza curious about your experiences and thoughts on this.

  • @Alex - Hi Alex, knowing Chances temperament I think it will be fine.... you really just want to not let the pup play too hard.... and to not really bother him too much when he wants/needs to sleep. I don't believe you will have many issues other then the normal bring in a new puppy into the home... And WOW, hard to believe that Chance is16!

  • @tanza thanks, that's what we figured, just making sure he is comfortable and not bothered too much. Do you have any thoughts on bringing in female vs male puppy? From what we heard temperament does not really matter until 1-2 years, and just need to make sure they eat separately to avoid food aggression.

  • @Alex Always suggest that it is a male/female pair... of course it would depend on each disposition... but rule of thumb is male/ I would think that you might be better with one of each sex, that said, your breeder for the dobie can help you with that especially since Chance is older (way older... LOL) now and yes, always suggest separate feeding... I have always used crates to feed them in... But disagree that temperament doesn't matter in the beginning, but it can... so make sure that your pup has a good temperament and from a responsible breeder.

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