• Hi! I need some help. My female B (9 months old)gets humped by male dogs all the time. She loves playing with other dogs, so I take her regularly to the dog park/playdates with friends. She has been humped everytime we meet male dogs. She had the heat 2 months ago, so I do not know why other dogs go so crazy when they see her (maybe she's just a real beauty??)

    The other day I was walking her in the neighborhood, and another woman asked me if the dogs could say hi. That other dog immediately jumped on my basenji. With the leashes on.

    Another day, with a friend's dog, we were at home and the male dog even ejaculated on the floor.

    I don't know what to do, because my B never says no to these other male dogs. She never tells them to stop, and I think she believes they are playing.

    I am terrified everytime I see that, specially when the dogs are bigger than her.

    Anyone with the same problem? Anyone who can give me any advice??? I don't want her to stop playing with other dogs!! She's so happy when she meets other dogs!!! 😞

    Thank you in advance!

  • Not much you can do if she is accepting the behavior..... and on another note, you need to make sure she is not in season, even if it was just 2 months ago... that or that she has some sort of infection going on that is leading males to believe that she is in season. Vet visit is in order to make sure there is nothing going on in that respect. Have you discussed this with your breeder?

  • I have exactly the same problem at the same age 9 months with Safi. She had her heat at 7 months also. I gave her a good bath a couple of weeks back and it's much better now, back to the normal sniff and she's left alone, aside from one very persistent dog she sees in the park but she's slowly learning to defend herself against him.
    The smell of the season hangs around long after it's finished apparently.

  • @Saving said in My female B gets humped all the time!:

    I gave her a good bath

    What a great solution! So simple and attainable, smarty!
    I'm sure it's not going to 100% effective, but it would certainly help (or at least confuse the males).

  • The difference has been remarkable, one day she had all of the males in the dog park after her, a week later the same dogs, only one was interested and he was after her from before her season, he's just a horny dog!

  • @Saving - Disagree with the comment that "season" hangs around long after it is finished.... but a bath can't hurt... but of the reasons that dog parks do not let/want in-tact dogs there. And a reason I never go to one.

  • @tanza said in My female B gets humped all the time!:

    Disagree with the comment that "season" hangs around

    oh, I don't! At least not the way I'm taking the comment. I suspect you are referring to an individual female finishing her cycle. I am referring to the area she (or other girls) were in. I'm not sure how long the "smell by" date lasts environmentally, but I've seen more than one park full of very confused boys!

    When "mating season" is in the air, the males can smell it... and the poor fellows become so confused about which girl is giving off the scent that they will try to mount any of them -- whether that girl is in heat, or not. While your girl might not be giving off a scent any longer... the boys could be picking up on lingering aromas from other girls in the area and (to them) any girl in the vicinity is fair game.

    (I still think the bath was pure genius!)

  • I can only say what worked for me really, it's something the o.p. can try, if it works, great!

  • @tanza thank you! I checked with the vet, and everything seems fine 🙂 they told me this probably happens "because she's a teenager"

  • @Saving so nice to hear there's other people with the same problem! We have been giving regular baths to our b, so I don't know if that really helped or not. Anyways, it took a while for me to bring Nova again to the dog park, because I was a bit afraid the same situation would happen again. I was there a couple of days ago, and no one tried to hump her. (I must say all dogs had same age approx.)

    Thank you for your comment replies! 🙂

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