Hi..does anyone have a Basenji through breeder Richard Hanna?

  • My daughter has rescued a basenji who was bred by Richard Hanna of Yucaipa. All of his dogs were kept in deplorable conditions. When he died, animal services picked up 4 basenjis from his residences. The adult male my daughter adopted had a chain imbedded in his neck, hereditary mange and is malnourished and severely depressed. I saw on this forum that another member has posted about buying one of his basenjis. We have been in contact with several other owners who purchased from this same breeder and it seems all of his basenjis have some health issues. I’m posting in hopes of finding some of this breeders pups owners so we can try to help these poor pups by sharing any info and medical advice that might help them to thrive. Thank you for taking the time to read this post 🐶💙

  • @basenjigrandma Ah, your daughter has Buddy. She’s been doing a good job of getting him stronger and keeping us updated via gofundme. Several of us have contributed. I recently learned about Hana. Despicable. I hope you find some answers, but regardless… I hope Buddy pulls through.

  • @jengosmonkey - I am in contact with Reese daily about Buddy... she is doing a great job.... we are all pulling for him to recover. He seems to be getting better every day.... he seemed to be the worst of the 4......

  • @tanza That’s awesome. Always good to have someone to lean on. You helped me with my litter! I’m guessing Reese and Buddy are going share one heck of a bond working through this together. I liked the picture of him walking outside. Good progress.

  • @jengosmonkey yes Buddy is with my daughter!! He is slowly gaining some strength but is just skin and bones. She was told my another owner whom has one of Richards basenjis that his B’s have hereditary mange and it definitely appears this is the case. It’s very sad and disturbing that anyone would treat these poor dogs as he did. Breaks my heart..

  • @tanza definitely the worst out of the 4..it’s sad it’s as though his spirit is broken or was never allowed to even begin. I know Reese can give him the love he truly deserves and I pray this will change his entire life and he will see that the world is good and not all humans are terrible

  • @basenjigrandma - Mine also... and being in Basenjis for over 30+ years, they are very forgiving... I am sure that he knows this already. And Reese is a God Sent... to take this on this boy and to nurse him back to health... I have faith that this will change his life for the better... he has already changed in a very, very short time... each victory is a great step and Reese have done lots! Main thing now is to get the DNA test for Fanconi... it is a cheek swab (and yes I have talked to Reese about this)... it is a home test that you order the cheek swab and send it in.. it is not something that a Vet does... as far as Mange, that will take time, but I am sure with his first bath with medical shampoo will help for sure to make him feel better. The fact that he is starting to eat/chew bones/and getting out in the fresh air and sun will really help... Hugs to Reese and as I said I am here to talk to her all the time... I am not a Vet but I know the breed and honestly seems like she has a good vet to help her....

  • @basenjigrandma said in Hi..does anyone have a Basenji through breeder Richard Hanna?:

    It’s very sad and disturbing that anyone would treat these poor dogs as he did. Breaks my heart..

    I'm sure we all agree, but let's not forget that the poor man was dying and we do not know what he was dealing with mentally/physically. He may have tried to reach out for help and wasn't able to find any. There are many things that may have come into play which we would not have the privilege of knowing.

    Perhaps we should all be grateful that these four have been placed in loving homes.

  • @elbrant - Very Sorry Elbrant, this is a known person that was breeding edited

  • @tanza - We do not trash talk someone who is alive, let's not do it to someone who has passed away.

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to review the Forum Rules.
    Thank you.

  • @elbrant - Very sorry Elbrant but this is a known person that sold sick dogs... it is not "trash" talk... and I take offence that you continue to delete posts that talk about "breeders" and I use that term loosely that do not breed in a responsible manner.

  • Sorry but if a breeder is causing suffering and not being responsible for the well being of his / her dogs, that should not be hidden or glossed over. People need to know. And these so called breeders put out of business.

  • Many years ago on this site there were many to talked about breeders that were not responsible... and we had many conversations... so I think that this should be able to be posted on bad breeders.. Yes it is sad that this person passed... but the point is that people need to understand that there are bad breeders and how to find a responsible breeder. And it is a good thing that there will not be any Basenjis produced.... and kudos to the people that took these pups into their home and are trying to get them in good health... best to find good breeders and you can go to https://bconc.org/finding-breeders-red-flags. It is important that you go and support a responsible breeder

  • @zande He is out of business... he's dead.

  • @tanza People need to know how to determine if any breeder is being responsible to the breed and their dogs. That doesn't mean that we need to name names, point fingers, or tell everyone that you think so-and-so is a bad person/breeder/human being for x-y-z reasons. Especially with this particular thread. The guy is dead. His remaining dogs have been adopted (hopefully to responsible owners).

    This thread was asking about others pups from this particular breeder so they ccould compare notes and share information. That, to me, seems reasonable. I do not believe this thread was created to berate the man.

    If you want to create posts about what is good vs bad about breeders using your knowledge and experience, go for it. Do it without naming them. If you want to call them out, mail them a personal letter, or email them, and express your dissatisfaction with their breeding program to them specifically and privately. Either way, keep it off the forum.

  • @elbrant said in Hi..does anyone have a Basenji through breeder Richard Hanna?:

    @zande He is out of business... he's dead.

    But sadly there are too many others out there whose activities should be widely publicised to protect the puppies, the breeding stock and the owners.

    I am sure you will remember the thousands of dollars paid to vets in abortive attempts to save those puppies a couple of years back ? As I recall, there were multiple litters and about 26 puppies. At least 9 of them didn't make it to their first birthday. Many had a short but painful time on this earth.

    Maybe you don't remember. We had to take mention of them and the breeder off the forum. But the conversations went on elsewhere and future puppies and owners were protected from that breeder.

    It should have happened here.

  • (Yes, @zande, I remember that.)

    According to the Forum Rules, "outing" bad breeders is not our focus.

    Discuss how to determine what makes a breeder "respectable" all you want. Not a link, a discussion. Allow others the chance to ask questions and engage us as a group. People don't all agree. Nor do we all comprehend things in exactly the same way. We are responsible for our own decisions, opinions, beliefs, actions, and ultimately, what anyone chooses to do is up to them.

    If you expect someone else to respect your opinion, you must first understand that they are entitled to an opinion of their own.

  • @elbrant said in Hi..does anyone have a Basenji through breeder Richard Hanna?:

    If you expect someone else to respect your opinion, you must first understand that they are entitled to an opinion of their own.

    So, under that logic, can't someone voice their opinion that "so & so" is an irresponsible breeder? Or at least clarify that the individual in question is not on record doing recommended health testing on his/her dogs? I should think that is fair ball....

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