Looking for a Basenji who needs a forever home

  • I am looking for some advice if you can share.

    For many years I have wanted a dog, and after researching lots of different breeds and looking at their needs etc I decided that a Basenji would be the best fit into my life. However, I don't know how to find breeders that are not from puppy farms and I'm not sure of contacts or how to do this. I saw this website when I was researching and was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to help me a little. I am looking for contact names so I can be put on waiting lists!

    For some background, I am a 27-year-old single primary teacher who lives alone and is looking for a little bit of company and to start her little family with a basenji.

  • @michabasenji You might want to check out Basenji Rescue and Transport

  • @michabasenji It would also be helpful to know which country you are in ? and whereabouts ?

  • I wasted a lot of time online cruising the popular rescue sites, only to find out that:
    • many of them are way off on the animals lineage,,
    • there are a lot of people willing to take advantage of you, and
    • most of the breeder websites are not up to date.

    So, I switched tactics. I went local. Contact Veterinarians, the Kennel Club, dog trainers and groomers, etc.
    Kennel Clubs are gold! They tend to be involved in local and/or regional dog shows, so they are probably the most likely to be able to connect you with a breeder. In fact, that's how I met the breeder of my girl. I attended a local show to see if any Basenji's were entered so that I could see one "in person". Lucky me! Doodle's breeder/owner was there showing her B's!

    Veterinarians might have clients with Basenji's... they are worth a try. There is always the possibility that one of the local Vets are involved with the care of an expecting or whelping B.

    Trainers and Groomers are least likely... but that's only my opinion. It doesn't mean that someone near you isn't calling around for a trainer that can teach their pup not to rip the corners off every pillow on the sofa.

    Good luck with your search! Please keep us updated!

  • @michabasenji - Go to www.basenji.org and you can search for breeders by state in the US. While it is true that many sites are not updated, their email and phone number is listed. Call them... if they don't have any puppies they may be able to give you some other breeders that may not be listed there.

  • Do you work full or part time? Something to consider is where the Basenji would be when you are working, as many don't do well being left for long periods.

  • Scotland, just seen her post on Northern Basenji Society fb page @zande

  • @micah Well spotted. NBS should help be able to help her. BRAT and other USA organisations are unlikely to. Which is why I asked where she was located !

  • @zande said in Looking for a Basenji who needs a forever home:

    Which is why I asked where she was located !

    And why I always suggest looking locally first!

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  • @michabasenji
    hi there where are you base?? I have basenji litter we are base in Ireland.
    Puppies 8 weeks old, IKC registered, FCI Pedigree, microchipped, wormed, vet health checked. They are ready to go to a new home after they are full vaccinated (10 weeks old).

  • @amaamazinpearl Ten weeks is early for the final vaccination ! Normally Vets do them at 8, 12 and 16 weeks. But they can go to new homes after the first shot - new owners then ensure they get the next two and don't go out in public places until after the final one at 16 weeks.
    Who are the parents ? and I hope you will supply full litter details for the on-line Basenji Pedigree database - address is in my signature block.

  • @amaamazinpearl - Agree with Zande that 10wks is too early for all vaccinations. I have mine done at 9 wks for the 1st shot and then they go to their new homes at about 10wks. That said, I do take my pups out after the 1st shot. But I am careful were I go... but I do take them especially to Lure Trials... great socialization for them. I have found over the years that they build immunities if you don't isolate them till they are over 16wks. But again you need to be careful where you go.. as in NO DOG PARKS!

  • @zande Hi Zande of course I will!
    Where are you leaving?
    That's the mean reason why I ask where are they base as we are base in Ireland and puppies here are vaccinateded 2 times I understand what you are saying and I really appreciate that you're sharing your knowledge 🙏
    With this litter I was doing as I was advised by my vet unfortunately in Ireland I couldn't find basenji breeders to share experience as we are first registered in IKC

  • @amaamazinpearl If you post me privately, address is on the various websites in my signature block, I will put you in touch with a breeder in Carrickfergus. She will be able to fill you in and help you with any details you may need as a first time breeder.

    First thing is to educate your vet !!! I have been with mine for 22 years and before that with another Vet for much much longer. They tend to ask me what is wrong and what I want them to do !

    I am in the South of England - You can email me the names of the puplets, date of birth and parents (and photos of Mom and Dad !) and I will add them to the database.

  • Thank you so much I really appreciate it.
    Will do!!

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