• Any input or advice on how to deal with puppy teething? He keeps going for my hands and arms and it's really starting to hurt. I've bought several chew toys and bones for him to chew on and he will chew on them but won't leave my hands alone when he's on my lap.

  • First thing is to look at his gums - if they are red and sore, poor little mite is in pain. The Vet should be able to give you something to rub on to calm it down. If he is on you lap and biting your hands, get up and move away. He needs to learn that nibbling fingers is anti social and it will drive you away, so no more sitting on laps for cuddles.

  • @foster1286 - How old is this pup? Keep in mind that this is how pups communicate in their litter. This is also where they learn bite inhibition from littermates and the adults in the home and for sure their Moms. So if taken from the litter and Mom too early then they never learned this. After you check the gums as suggested by Zande, then you need to YELP VERY LOUD and either put the pup on the ground or get up and leave. Also if you have a chewy for them when they bite on your hands, put the chewy in their mouth. This will go on until they are at least done teething... and that is six to eight months. So the quick you start to modify the behavior the easier it gets, but it does NOT happen over night nor does it stop after one or two times... need to be consistent. I can tell you with raising litters, my arms and hands look like I have been through the meat grinder!

  • I found that my basenji did this more when she was tired and overstimulated, so making sure she had the opportunity to get sufficient rest helped. Constantly redirecting to a toy or chew also helped, but as others have said it didn't happen overnight and got better over time at about 6 months. We found yelping revved her up even more as she thought it was a game, but as she matured she was able to process "nice and gentle" whilst removing hands. At 18 months she still uses her teeth constantly during play, but it is extremely gentle and never hurts.

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