1 yr old basenji dog aggressive after second heat

  • Hello everyone.

    My 1/2 basenji 1/2 shiba mix personality has changed slightly ever since her second heat cycle. Just to give you a back round she has been at the dog park since 3 months old every day and loves people and dogs. Very well socialized. All of the sudden she just doesn’t like the vibe of certain dogs. I’m not sure if it’s an energy thing or if it’s because they are intact. We never had this issue until this second heat. I wonder if getting her spayed will change this behavior? Has anyone else dealt with this? She is honestly the best dog i just want to fix this issue.

  • After a couple of heats she is likely mature and it is an age where their attitude towards other dogs often changes. Are there any specific things about the dogs she doesn't like? e.g. same sex aggression is fairly common in Basenjis, and for that matter dog aggressive Basenjis are not unusual. She isn't a puppy anymore and sadly some dogs develop a dislike for other dogs. I doubt spaying will change anything, but someone else may want to comment on that. Out of five Basenjis I had one that was same sex aggressive, two that were dog aggressive, and two that were friendly towards any and all dogs.

  • @cpumbel I would seriously doubt that spaying would make a ha'pporth of difference. But for how long after the season did she remain aggressive ? I mean is it continuing ever since the season and if so for how long ?

    Could be she settles down again.

  • This happened to my Basenji (now 18 months old) during her second heat cycle at 12 months old. She has always been fearful of stranger's hands but until that point used to flinch away but then enjoy being stroked. Just before her second heat cycle she started responding aggressively with a growl and showing her teeth. From what I understand, once this happens they realise it's a more effective way to get people to back off and then it's likely to be repeated. I'm trying to condition her to use a muzzle so we can safely practice greetings with strangers again (at her own pace).

  • @cpumbel said in 1 yr old basenji dog aggressive after second heat:

    All of the sudden she just doesn’t like the vibe of certain dogs.

    I refer to this as doggy PMS, especially this time of year when most dogs seem to be "in season". Take a break from the dog park for a month or two until it passes. It may sound over simplified, but it seems to work for my (spayed) girl. It also seems to make an acceptable self explanatory explanation for others to keep their dogs at a distance and not "in her face". A quick, "sorry, doodle has a touch of PMS right now... perhaps the dogs can meet next time", seems to get people to back off without further explanation.

  • @elbrant and all of you thanks!

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