• Guys, how do you all deal with your basenjis winging and wining when they want to get their way?

    My basenji winges when he doesn't get his own way and he will do this for an hour.

    I tend to ignore him and walk away but at times I just want to yell and say be quite! The moaning really goes through me at times!

    What do you guys do?

  • Ignore them. They don't do it for long, soon learn it gets them no-where. Of course, it depends what they want. If they need to go out, normally they will come and get me - in summer the door to the garden is open but not these days ! They will also tell me if I am 5 minutes late with their breakfast or tea. But the rest of the time, they are quiet.
    Are you sure your boy is not telling you something ?

  • He is definitely not, he always winges for attention. When I go upstairs he winges and when he is bored of playing he winges.

    I know he doesn't have separation anxiety as he is more than capable of staying on his own. He only does it because he wants constant attention.

  • I am having the same issue with my little one but the difference is that he also gets separation anxiety. We try and crate him for 2-3 hours a day so that he can nap (still 6 months old) and I've learnt that closing the door of the room helps stop the whining so that he doesn't see us walk about. If he sees us walking around, he will whine to get our attention. He's currently whining as we speak because he wants to get in bed and he doesn't like to jump! 🙂

  • @basenjinewb - Why are you putting him in a crate to nap? When he is tired, he will nap. And when you are home and awake during the day they should be with you not in a crate

  • @tanza I thoroughly agree with you (again !) - putting a puppy into a crate for a nap - poor little animal probably thinks he is in a prison - and that having to take a nap when he may not want one is some kind of punishment.
    A nice comfy bed beside a radiator, with a favorite toy and a bone and he will nap when he needs to once he learns that is HIS place and he won't be disturbed when he is sleeping there.
    Puppies nap for shorter and longer periods, as they need to - you can't regiment them !

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