• Hello everyone. I am new this the site and a new "B" owner. Me and my boyfriend adopted her last week. She has been so happy since she has been with us. And we have been loving every minute of her.

    Her story is that she was dropped off at the county shelter after she got pregnant. Luckily a rescue saved her before she had her puppies. She popped out 9 healthy puppies that all grew up to be bigger then her. After that it was time to find her a home. She was with the rescue for just about a year. She had lots of people interested in her, but no one seemed to be right. One guy wanted to adopt her, but he expressed his pleasure in his own "B" killing a cat and they turned down his application. Then we came along and seemed perfect for her.

    So that is my intro, I look forward to meeting everyone on the forum. There is tons of interesting information here. 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum

  • Welcome, have fun.:)

  • Welcome! Did you happen to get your new B from the So Cal Basenji Rescue (Karen and Chuck)?

  • Welcome to all of you!

  • Hello and welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see pictures of you B!!

  • Thank you for all the warm welcomes. I would have loved to have gotten a "B" from the so cal rescue, but she talked to me on the phone and was quite rude to me. I asked to come see the dogs for adopting and they never gave me the address, I called a couple different times, but never got a response.

    I was lucky enough to find my dog at another rescue, with the help of petfinder.com They were wonderful and I absolutely adore my Cleo.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. But I'm glad that you and your new B are happy together!

  • Hi arizonaskyy,i"m new from so cal 2 (camarillo) not too far from you

  • Camarillo is a pretty place. I love that area. Welcome to the forum

  • Welcome to the forum…there is quite a bit of info here...glad to hear about your fur baby... we love photos here..

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