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    From another thread...

    How is Ring Craft going ?

    btw - a couple of evenings ago, a large rabbit had been around my front garden - flower beds, borders and lawns. When I went out to play with the boys after their tea, they got the scent of the bunny and really quartered the ground, as a team, before both disappearing into the middle of one of the borders - to its detriment !

    I appreciate you asking! It's going pretty well. I'm putting the pieces together, but I wouldn't describe me as a natural. I still feel, and most likely look somewhat awkward. I've been practicing stacking him in front of a full length mirror both on a table and on the floor. That's helping.

    And, we have two classes left before we show in October. We'll do more classes together and then we'll have one last opportunity this year in November. I'm not expecting to do well at all. If he does it will be in spite of me! πŸ˜†

  • @jengosmonkey - Jeff and I will be there... and we will help you for sure, no worries... we have all been there, done that! I can show you how to gather the lead in one hand... can't wait to meet you....

  • @zande, Oh BTW... Yay for your team! Perhaps paint a small bunny on the back door following a successful hunt? πŸ˜†

  • @jengosmonkey I wish they would catch the bunny who has been ravaging my vegetables - but their most frequent successes are with squirrels. Although they do manage to escape by racing up trees, leaving Kito gazing upwards as he dances around the tree on his hind legs.

    This morning in the woods quite a group of people with dogs stopped to be entertained. The other dogs joined in the chase if not the dance.

  • @jengosmonkey Just relax, have fun (making sure the dogs have fun too !) and learn to weigh up the conflicting advice you are sure to get ! Run everything past Pat and Jeff who will be there to support you. Wish I could be ! It'd be great to meet up with you all.

  • Last night was our last training together before we show this weekend. I suppose it's ready or not time so to speak. I've been trying to break down the ring work into phases in my head: Entry into the ring, table stacking, 1st gaiting, gaiting in a group and finally free stacking. Judges seem to change things up and do things a little differently from one another, so listening is key. Even so, correctly interpreting what they're asking for, especially gaiting instructions can be a challenge if you're new and first in line. Don't be first in line! And, no matter how hard I try, how many times I remind myself, I just seem to always forget to gather the dang lead into my left hand after leaving the table. I know what needs to happen, but my mind races ahead and I end up skipping steps. It's aggravating and embarrassing.

    So, showing is so easy, I mean ya just stand yer dog up straight, trot it around the ring, stand in front of a marker and collect yer ribbons. Pretty simple. I'm a natural at fixing and building many things. Showing a dog? Not so much.

    Oh! I did figure out one new thing last night! It was called "giving the dog it's head" while gaiting. I discovered, with some coaching, that the key is a razors edge between letting the dog choose the speed, but not so fast that they break gait. And, that's the tricky part. Once they're trotting pretty good you release tension on the lead (e.g. drop the lead a little), so the dog can hold it's head in it's natural position while moving. But, now without tension you risk the dog breaking gait. Logan is really good at it, so I learned to let him be the boss during that phase. I will say that I've really enjoyed training with him for the last many weeks. So, whatever happens next is just frosting. We've had fun strengthening our trust relationship.

  • @jengosmonkey - Just a couple of pointers, since you will be the only entry (on Friday) things change a bit on the ring work. Typically the judge might just request that you immediately put the dog on the exam table. He/she will go over the dog and then ask for an up and back or maybe a triangle. At the end of that the judge will either have you do a free stack or just wave you to just go around in a circle. And you have no choice on being first in line, when you go in for Best of Breed, dogs typically are in first regardless of arm band number... dogs are first and in order of arm band number... you do not get a choice. You can also gather your lead before you lift your Basenji off the table... or if not take your time... you are not judged on how long it takes you to ready for the up/back. Hope that helps and looking forward to seeing/meeting you on Saturday. On Saturday you will be first in the ring for Best of Breed since you have the only male.... behind you will be the bitch (Jeff and my girl) and keep in mind she is in season... behind her will be winners dog and then winners bitch... so again, you have no choice where you want to be place in the beginning line up. Typically you go in and set up your dog as the judge will review the line up, then ask the class to circle the ring and the first dog in line to be put up on the exam table.

  • @tanza Thank you yet again! Sometimes half the challenge is just knowing what to expect. Although, sometimes half the fun is finding out as you go. Saturday ring time is 2:00, so I'm thinking I'll most likely show up about 12:00 to 1:00 at ring 2. Can't wait to meet you. Finally! πŸ‘Š 😁 πŸ‘

  • @jengosmonkey - Don't get there too early, hour before ring time should be enough time... and be sure to take a crate so that Logan has a place to rest.... you don't want to have him on lead for hours before your ring time...you should be able to find shade hopefully by the ring area. Don't know if Jeff is planning to bring the pop-up since he now has the RV, but he is not bringing that this weekend. If we does, for sure you can share with us. See you there...

  • @jengosmonkey Best of luck to you and Logan... deep breathe, let the jitters slip away, and just get in the zone with your pup! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  • So we showed for the first time together. Logan was awesome. I could see it coming back to him. He's such my good good boy. I love him so much.

    First... Thank you so much to @tanza. Pat it was amazing meeting you in person. Truly one of the best experiences in my Basenji life. I mean that more than you know. I reached out to you when Jengo had his first seizure and you called me back! Your coaching and encouragement this weekend was invaluable to me. Meeting you, laying eyes on you, hugging you in real life, conversing with you, you putting up with my endless questions about tail trimming, points, classes and so much more... THANK YOU!

    If anyone would have asked me if I'd be SHOWING a Basenji a year a ago. I'd a been... what?

    I SO appreciate your guidance, the leed loan, and your honest critique during the show. You know I'm going to lean on you even more now... you are my new close by Basenji Mom! Thank you so much, Pat. You're part of MY pack now. I hope I can be part of yours.

    So how did we do... Good and bad.

    I watched the Pharaoh Hounds show. IMO, women are much better handlers than men. At least this man. They made it seem like a ballet compared to my Frankenstein approach. I get that it's about the dog, but it's hard to ignore the human.

    That and putting the dog up on the table backwards on Saturday... yeah, that didn't help. IDIOT! Still, got Best Of Opposite. I did and continue to do so many things wrong. Logan deserves better. Still... we're a team. I'll go back to handling class in 2 days and work on slowing me down, stacking better, walking in straighter lines and learning more about ring adequate. I'm a crappy dancer. This is gonna take me some time.

    So where does this leave us? I LOVE Basenjis! I love MY basenjis. I love the breed. I love promoting and I love supporting the breed. I love seeing any Basenji win. Handling is hard. It's a skill. I need to get better.

  • @jengosmonkey
    Congratulations πŸŽ‰ to you and Logan! It sounds like you had a great time! 🐾❀️

  • @jengosmonkey - It was great to meet you also... and you did excellent.... glad that you enjoyed it! Also you did put a point on Logan towards his Grand Championship and I know that is your goal. And I would be proud to be part of your pack! See you soon next month in Vallejo.

  • @jengosmonkey - Baptism of fire, was it ? Well, you obviously did something right and above all, you enjoyed it and so did Logan. He will be patient with you and the GCh will happen !

  • @zande said in Logan Has a Trainee...:

    @jengosmonkey - Baptism of fire, was it ? Well, you obviously did something right and above all, you enjoyed it and so did Logan. He will be patient with you and the GCh will happen !

    Very much Baptism by fire. I've ridden motorcycles at 160 mph. Love the adrenalin. Does it make me nervous. A little but not too much. It's just thrilling.

    Showing a dog in a ring... Now that makes me nervous. Strange I know. I was able to enter the ring 5 times, so it felt good to get that under my belt. I appreciate your encouragement as well, Sally. 😁 πŸ‘

  • @jengosmonkey it's not strange to feel nervous. You are doing your best for your breeder and her line, and in fact for your dog. That's lot of responsibility.
    I think you are right though that in the main women are better handlers, but if a man is good, he is really good. But it also depends on the breed.
    Try to watch other breeds and go to shows even if you are not showing Logan so you get more the feel of it, see other people make mistakes.

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    if a man is good, he is really good.

    A friend of mine had her English Setter shown to top dog in Canada back in the day. The handler was a gay man, fabulous with her dog and many others. What I loved was that the picture on the front page of Dogs In Canada was of handler and dog in a casual shot taken at the lake, instead of the usual show pose....just a couple of pals hanging out.

  • As @Tanza mentioned in her new show thread, Logan and I went to our second show together this past weekend. Highlights of the weekend included seeing Pat again and getting to meet more veteran breeders. This show was in Vallejo, CA and is called Woofstock! I'm really liking the theme shows. This show seems to be somewhat famous out west here. A lot of people dressed up including yours truly. Logan and I didn't get anything on Thursday or Friday. Saturday was entirely my fault. If there was anything that could be screwed up by a human in the ring... I screwed them up. I'm betting I may have invented a few new one's too. The good news is that we pulled ourselves together on Sunday and earned a Select Dog award ribbon, which turned out to be a 5 point Major! I swear it felt like a forth quarter hail Mary. Logan did really well. So far, and by a long shot, this was definitely my favorite win with him so far. We really worked hard for this one. I also think that he and I may have finally connected as a team on Sunday. For your enjoyment...


  • Like a timewarp! Great costume! I'm glad you and Logan are bonding over this. πŸ™‚

  • @jengosmonkey Oh I do wish I could be at your shows - The photo of the hair tells a multitude of stories and so many tiny things you could correct and do Logan even more justice than you are at the moment !

    Don't try to hold him with your hand under his chest. Get the show lead/collar in the right place (high up under the cheek bones) and hold it in your teeth or around your neck, then grasp the front legs and stack them perpendicular and parallel. Once the front is good, you turn your attention to the back end. Fingers between the back legs, lift ever so slightly, a quick flick of the wrist and down and lo and behold, the back is also good. Hocks perpendicular under the shelf. The dog looks square as called for in the Standard. At need, a quick tap under the tum straightens the topline and there you have it !

    But I am sure you know what you need to get right and as long as you and Logan are enjoying yourselves that is honestly all that matters !

    Conutined good luck -

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