• Okay, so I am not sure if anyone has experienced this but just today we encountered an interesting situation.

    My basenji, who is 6 months old went out to do his toilet business until he saw a cat...he started to step back. My husband didn't know at that point but he thought he would go out to support him but then he realised he is stepping away and there is a large cat. The cat and my basenji were having a stare off and my basenji stood between my husbands legs and started wimpering. The cat was just looking at him in a pathetic way...like what are you going to do?

    My basenji started wimpering more so my husband shoo the cat away and then he ran back inside...so my question is, are basenjis scared of cats? Or is my basenji an exception lol.

  • Most aren't. But if your pup hasn't encountered a cat before and doesn't know what it is, that may be the reason. The other possibility is that he has encountered that cat before and it was aggressive, which some cats are....

    Not all Basenjis are confident dogs, and yours is quite young. Give him time. Also, if it happens again don't make a big deal of it reassuring him. That will probably convince him it is something to fear. Better to be matter of fact, and yes, chasing the cat away should help your pup be more confident. OTOH, maybe you will want to have a cat someday and being afraid might be better than wanting to kill it, which is how many Basenjis react.

  • Cats mostly know better than to come near my pack of Basenjis. Talk to him and reassure him. It is all a question of building up confidence at this age.

  • Thanks @Zande and @eeeefarm

    Sorry for so many questions but just want to make sure I am doing the right thing!

  • @little_t Never apologise. Absolutely no need. Sometimes one can offer advice, sometimes not !

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