• Thank you so much for the information! I went to Kroger and asked if I could get the medication there. They said they only provide dog medications that humans also use. I mentioned to her that humans also get cushings disease, but she said they don't offer the medication for pets. I will check around at independent pharmacies and see if I can obtain it elsewhere. Thanks again.

  • Our basenji, Arrow, appears to be doing fine on the medication. However, we read that the average life span for a dog diagnosed with cushings disease is two years. We will give him a wonderful life as long as possible.

  • @gwen - Take the scrip from the Vet to a pharmacy and give it to them... 99% of the time they will fill it....

  • @gwen,

    Yes Cushing's is a life limiting disease. Our Harley lived about 2 years once diagnosed as well. If it's adrenal gland based, there may be surgical options but not sure - you'd need to talk to your very and decide what's worth it. I don't know what complications there are if it's in both adrenal glands. For pituitary, there's no good surgical options. The pituitary gland is literally in the center of the brain.

    One thing that you could look into to help combat metastasis is some of the natural supplements out there that are anti-cancer. There's some for dogs now with turmeric (plus peperine) aka curcumin and reishi mushrooms. As with all supplements, read the ingredients and run it by your vet if you have questions. I'd be willing to bet some folks on here might even have recommendations.

    In the meantime, love on your fur baby and enjoy your time with him. You sound like you are a devoted pet owner and he's lucky to be with you!

  • @Gwen

    If you have a Costco near you they fill veterinary prescriptions, usually much cheaper than your vet. Costco also has a form you can fill out for the uninsured and animals count. That plan dropped the cost of one of my dogs medicines substantially.

  • I second the Costco suggestion. In California you're not required to be a member to make pharmacy or alcohol purchases. By law they have to let you in. Might want to check your state laws.

  • Thank you for all the advice. We are bringing in Arrow to see the vet on Saturday, so I'll see what type of cushings disease he has. We had a previous basenji, Teka, who passed from kidney disease. It was terrible seeing her lose weight and her appetite. She's still with us in spirit and we think of her often.

  • Mine was diagnosed with pituitary cushing's in Dec 2015. I lost him October 2020 and it was to something completely unrelated to cushing's. He never had issues with anything related to cushing's except a gall bladder mucocele easily treated with an inexpensive medication. There are exceptions to the two year average. Yours may be another exception 😊

  • Thanks for sharing - good to know!

  • @gwen - It is not common Basenjis, many breeds, mixed breeds have/develop Cushings.

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