• Hello everyone,

    I'm from Toronto, ON Canada and we just recently lost our basset hound and we are heartbroken from it. A year ago before my dog Mellow pass away we were thinking of adding an addition to the family but we are afraid that due to my dogs age it might be unfair to my mellow.

    We were wondering if someone can direct us to a proper reputable basenji breeder? We can either have a male or female and looking for white red if possible or at least to be on a waiting list.

    Thank you

  • Sorry for your loss.

  • @kris-hernandez - You can go to www.basenji.org and search for breeders and also go to https://www.ckc.ca/en/Choosing-a-Dog/Finding-a-Reputable-Breeder (Canadian Kennel Club)

  • Sorry for your loss Kris. I think we've all been there and it sucks.

  • Sorry for your loss. The Basenji Club of Canada website has breeders listing and some of them are in Ontario.


    I hope this helps.

  • I’m so sorry for your losses. Good luck with your search.

  • Thank you so much everyone I have email a few hoping to hear back.

  • @kris-hernandez So sorry you lost your pup. You've gotten some great suggestions from some really solid knowledgeable members. At this time of year it's a bit of a supply vs demand thing. I could be wrong, but the more specific you are about age, sex and color... you "might' find the hunt to be a bit more of a challenge. If you're open about age, sex and color you "might" not have to wait quite as long. But, who knows. I reached out to several last summer believing I'd have to wait till 2022 to get a new doggie. Ended up with two by December 2020. Both were two year old's, which worked perfectly for me. If anyone were to have bet me last summer when I started the hunt for one... I'd of bet against that happening.

  • @jengosmonkey Thank you, we are actually not that picky and my family and I understand how the pandemic impact or surge the search for companion. We are open to on gender and color however more leaning on a male and hopefully we get your luck and have 2 ;).

    Thank you everyone hopefully we get some answers from the breeders. We know the wait is long but we want to put our foot in at least we could be on waiting list if possible.

  • If you don't have your hearts set on a Basenji puppy, please go to Basenji Rescue and Transport where you can view Basenjis available for adoption. Basenjis are often given up for death of an owner or moving to a non-pet facility. And some are given up because the owner only heard "They don't bark and they don't shed" and did not do the research required to be a Basenji owner. My current Basenji and light of my life, Binti, was given up because she was "vicious" (She did play bows and shook up the corner of the comforter...both activities that owner interpreted as wanting to attack him. Luckily, the foster said "bring Binti right back!" because she knew this guy should not have ANY dog , let alone a Basenji.) All of my Basenjis were rescues and I could not have asked for better dogs, companions and friends.

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