Looking for the next litter of basenji puppies t

  • Hi, my wife and I are desperate to find a gorgeous puppy to add to our household. If anyone knows how to advertise our intentions, please let me know.


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  • @gary - Basenjis typically only come in season once a year all about the same time. Pups are typically born Nov/Dec/Jan and litters are only 4 to 6 puppies on average. You really would be looking to find a responsible breeder and get on a reservation list for Fall/Winter of 2021 at this time. You can search for breeders by state at www.basenji.org (Basenji Club of America website) also there is a link for the Basenji Club of America breeder referral person. It is important that you verify health testing and suggest that you check this out for yourself. The most important tests are Fanconi and PRA DNA testing. Sire/Dam's should be tested before breeding as these are late onset issues and also deadly, Fanconi is a kidney issue and PRA causes blindness. You can learn about Fanconi and PRA at www.basenji.org, you need the name or registration number of the Sire/Dam. And you can check out DNA testing at www.ofa.org as those tests are public knowledge. You just need the registered names or registration numbers. I always suggest that you do the homework and do check this out. There are many scam sites out there these days, so be very careful about sending money, as in don't do it. Note however if you are looking for a dog that is hyperallergic, regardless of what you read, Basenjis are not. They do shed and they do have dander and while they are good with some with allergies, it is not a given. You need to visit with them in person and more than one time.

    Also when you limit yourself to a color or sex, because Basenji litters are small (4 to 6) puppies, it is up to nature to decide on color/sex. So it is better to be open to either. Of course if you already have a Basenji, sex of the pup/adult could be important as it is always recommended that opposite sexes do better together.

    If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me. My email and contact information is on my website, link below

  • @gary Where are you ? USA, Canada, Europe, UK ? It would help to know. . .

  • @gary said in Looking for the next litter of basenji puppies t:


    Dear Gary, I will be breeding in the fall my girls usually come in around October and puppies are usually ready by January I live in East Knoxville Tennessee my puppies start at 1500 shots wormers, health exam from the veterinarian before leaving my home limited AKC application non-breeders only

  • @rustyb - Are your Basenjis DNA tested for Fanconi and PRA and this is nothing that a Vet does, you order the test and do the cheek swab yourself, health exam from a Vet will not discover either. If so they would be listed on www.ofa.org... since both are late onset it is important this is done before breeding. Health testing is important. Important that you show people interested in your possible pups that these tests have been done and they are public posts on the results.

  • My utmost apologies, I forgot to say that we are in the UK, Worcestershire region.

    Thank you for your advice.

    Warmest regards,


  • Same thing applies over here. No more puppies now until winter 2021 breeding season. If you email me privately, addresses are in the websites on my signature block, I will send you a list of breed club secretaries. Tested parents will appear on the OFA websites @tanza told you about. We use OFA to test our dogs too.
    Patience is now the name of the game, but you should be able to get onto a breeders list for a puppy early 2022, February or March

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