Litter information for 2013/2014

Looking for information on winter 2013/2014 litters if possible.

Nothing is for certain yet, as I'm still doing research, but hoping to be pointed in the direction of someone who may have :

1.) Female, pet quality puppy (to be spayed)
2.) Brindle or black
3.) Able to be kept 11-12 weeks
4.) Puppy able to be shipped to AK (breeder near west coast preferably).
5.) Litter expected to be available for homes anywhere from December 2013 to Feb. 2014

I'd be looking to do 'fun' competitive nose work and lure coursing. Possibly agility.

That's not all I'm looking for (as I have a certain personality I'd be looking for as well), but the basics….

Please send me a private message with contact information and we can talk further, or feel free to send a link to a website. I can find contact information from there 🙂

I've been through the BCOA breeder referral directory before, but it would be incredibly helpful if I could get personalized hints as to who might have these specifics. (also trying to avoid being disrespectful by contacting someone who disagrees with some of things I'm shipping pups, etc.) Not everyone has a website, and I'm not generally connected to word of mouth since I'm not into the show ring. Living in AK doesn't help either, ha.

  • Any third party 'suggestions' would be generally appreciated as well 🙂

Thank you kindly!

I don't know if you've checked it out but there are a few groups on Facebook that list their litters for this year as well as looking on here.

Thanks for the recommendation; I did actually look at some of the face book pages. The one I'm looking at right now is exclusively designed for litter announcements. There are some gorgeous "European" litters, but I don't see many litter announcements in the US that have what I'm looking for. Will keep looking just in case I missed something.

I know that in the PNW, Fopaws Basenjis is expecting two litters, not sure what their requirements are for shipping, you would need to contact them…. I can assure you that you would not be disrespected by Therese... website is

Thank you for the info, Pat. I'll give her an e-mail and ask.

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