New to Forum and a wishful Bansenji owner

  • Hello - My name is Zoe and I am new to the group and trying to adopt a Bansenji male. I have done some research and fell in love with the breed. We have had Labrador Retrievers but my son is allergic and we found the Bansenji breed. Hoping to get as much info on the breed from this forum and finding a breeder to be able to get a puppy.

  • @zwagner Are you aware that Basenji's are not hypoallergenic? They shed (fur and dander), sometimes quite a lot. The AKC website has a list of hypoallergenic dogs. They typically have fur that more closely resembles hair. Or, no fur/hair at all. Or, tight curls like a Poodle.

  • @zwagner Hey Zoe, great to have you here. Welcome! Yeah, Basenjis are the best. Very much fun. A few thoughts... Where are you? Country, state, region. We don't need an address. That way we can steer you towards a breeder.

    Generally speaking, more often than not, Basenjis come into heat late fall in the Northern hemisphere. Not always though. That said, we typically recommend contacting a few breeders well in advance. Get to know them and help them get to know you. Explore their breeding programs and health testing. Colors they breed. Will they be breeding this year or not. Can they recommend you to someone else. All of that. Typically you want to get on a waiting list for fall. But, ya never know... Ya could luck out and find a summer litter!

    Basenjis are clean short haired doggies that don't appear to shed as much as other breeds. For some reason the myth that they are hypoallergenic and don't shed has propagated. Neither are true. The best suggestion I've seen here is to contact a breeder or an owner and see if you can meet or pop by with the person who may be allergic, and test their reaction to being around a Basenji before you get one. Save a lot of trauma and heartache for everyone, especially a pup.

    As mentioned, Basenjis are a ton of fun. Insanely entertaining. Boundless energy. They love to chase things. They can be good with other dogs and breeds. Super affectionate in their own way and on their terms. They can also be a handful. Because they're smart they can get bored. When they're bored, or anxious they can get destructive and invent things to do to entertain themselves. Picture a 4 year old sitting on the floor in front of an electrical socket with a hand full of bobby pins and no adult supervision. Basenjis really do need a lot of supervision especially when they're young. Being around an older dog can help though. They're quick learners.

    Hope that helped a little. Keep asking questions! 👊 😉 👍

  • As noted by Zande and elbrant, Basenji do shed and do have dander, while they are good with some with allergies that is not always the case. It is recommended that the person that has allergies spend time and more than one time with someone that has Basenjs. I know that this could be difficult now with the Pandemic. Also you can research for breeders by state and also there is a link to the Breeder liaison listed. This information and much other Basenji information can be found at the Basenji Club of America website

  • Thank you so much!! I’m in Connecticut & would love to visit a breeder with my son who has allergies. He is ok with dogs that his friends have but with our Lab it was pretty bad. I would love to see how he is with a Bansenji as he really would like one too.

  • My daughter has a lot of allergies and when my basenji licks her , the spot where he licks her breaks out in little bumps.

  • @isabob said in New to Forum and a wishful Bansenji owner:

    the spot where he licks her breaks out in little bumps.

    Typically, I only think of allergies in terms of fur and dander. That other things about the animal would trigger a reaction is definitely noteworthy!

  • With our Lab you passed back in November my son had itchy water eyes and had to wash his hands right after petting him. I’m hoping since Bansenji’s have shorter hair it won’t be as bad for him. I have never heard of hives when a dog licks.

  • You need to get your son spending time with a Basenji (note there is only one 'n') before deciding. There are other short haired breed with a definite moulting season. Basenjis tend to shed all year around.

    Good luck !

  • Thank you I will definitely visit a breeder and hope a Basenji will work for us!

  • Webmed has a good article on allergies to dogs and what causes them and it does include dog saliva. Anyone interested may want to look it up. They have a wide range of things that causes allergies from the dog. Be sure u read the WEBMED I thought it had the best information.

  • Welcome to the group! I think it is a great idea to visit a breeder of Basenjis with your son. I hope he will be OK with a Basenji and his allergies don't act up because you all will have such fun with a Basenji. They are smart and sassy and funny and so loving and loyal. If you don't have your heart set on a puppy since very few are available now, you might register with Basenji Rescue and Transport to see if they have an older dog for you. My Basenjis have all been rescues and while each was different, each was the light of my life.

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