BasenjiPuppyCrush - legit?

Hey all,

Prospective, super excited basenji owner here 🙂

After emailing 10~ breeders I finally received a positive email back from the following peeps: [removed URL]

I'm about to send forth some questions from this site to do my own diligence. While awaiting answers there, I wanted to see if anyone here was familiar with them. Their short application process + almost too good to be true availabilities have me feeling a little sus.

Thanks so much in advance for the help!

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@yahtzee92 - Hello yahtzee92, please contact me privately for information. My email can be found on my website, link below.

@yahtzee92 - This is clearly a scam.... do not fall for it... I did send you information

@yahtzee92 - Here is a way to screen breeders, if they do not respond or give you answers to your questions either it is a scam or not a responsible breeder...

Thanks for all the help Pat @tanza

Confirmed with the Basenji Club of America that this site is 150% a scam.

I’m so glad that you came to this Forum to find out the site was a SCAM! Hoping that you do find a basenji from a legitimate breeder.

Anyone wanting to check the legitimacy of a website can run a simple domain age check. There are many websites that offer this check at no cost. If you run *basenjipuppycrush" (who claims to be in business since 1992) in a domain age checker you will see this:

Domain Age: 0 Years 0 Month 7 Days
Domain Created: 2020-12-09

Scam, Scam, Scam!!!

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@daffy208 said in BasenjiPuppyCrush - legit?:

run a simple domain age check.

That's cool, I never considered doing that. But the age of the domain only tells you how long the site has been up at that URL. It doesn't tell you how long they have been in business, whether they are credible or not, or provide any other information about them. Don't assume that something is a scam just because the website is 'new'.

@daffy208 Which web site did you use to check that? Great idea btw. I have a friend in law enforcement. We spoke this morning about this site. Turns out the FTC has been inundated with complaints of puppy scams this year. He's going to attempt to have the site shut down.

There are many. Just google "domain age checker"

One I have used is this:

Agree, both sites need to be shut down due to them being a scam:

[removed URL links]

Good Luck!

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