mixed up girl

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My girl is about a year old. She has many basenji characteristics; body markings, tail, super snuggler, jumps straight up, doesn't listen for anything. However, she has a white face, lots of spots on her skin, barks, and a blue eye. Perhaps basenji/dalmation mix?

The eye coloration is typical for an Austrailian Shepard or Husky. The fur is also indicative of those breeds. Even the slight curl in the tail. I don't see Basenji though. But I ❤ that face! How beautiful!! Enjoy her!!

Looks can be deceiving so I never want to guess. Doesn't look like it but who knows. Wouldn't rule it out based on the eye color. We've seen one blue and one brown eye on a pure Basenji. Most likely just something during gestation and not hereditary.

Very fun unique looking dog! Love the coloring, the tail, ears and eyes. She's like looking at a bowl of Cioppino. There's allot in there!

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Agree w/ DONC. - looks can be deceiving. Only way you’ll know for sure is a DNA test. She is a cool 😎 looking dog!

You had me at "super snuggler". Keep her in your heart and love her to pieces.

good try but not a basenji

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