Harmony Hounds in Brunswick , Georgia

I hope you have better experience with your Bassett Hound from Harmony Hounds than I have had with them and my Basenji Pup i got from them.
Good luck with your Pup.

PLEASE take the time to do a forum search on the kennel before you encourage another person to support this puppy farm. You have been scammed. I hope that you luck out and don't have health issues. 😪

@mazzywinters - Glad to hear that you had a good experience with your Basset. As far as Basenjis go, there have been times that I personally know that this breeder refused to take back a pup that really was not suited to the home, temperament was not great. This one pup was taken by rescue and "rehab" and placed, but no help from this breeder. I do not believe that this breeder tests beyond DNA for Fanconi (which is a good thing). No testing for hips/thyroid, etc.. and if so not shown on ofa.org health that is public to anyone. Also, in my opinion, the prices for Basenjis are a bit out of line considering the breeding pedigree. I believe that these pups (for all the breeds that are raised) are outdoors, not in the home. Basenjis should be raised in the home...again my opinion and how I raise my pups when I breed being in the bred for over 30+ years.

Happy to learn you were successful in getting a puppy.

All else sounded like an infomercial. HH is renowned for being a puppy mill and your list of requirements mentions nothing re: the puppy's health, testing, etc.

  1. May I ask why a basset hound owner is posting on a Basenji forum? (did you just recently joined to write this post?)
  2. Here's (an updated version of) a valuable old post from Tanza if anyone wishes to ask thorough questions before purchasing a pup:
    tanza 8 Jun 2007, 07:56
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@helle-devi said in Harmony Hounds in Brunswick , Georgia:

All else sounded like an infomercial

I agree. I asked very similar questions to yours (through a chat) because I was trying to decide if I should delete the topic (or not). It isn't related to Basenji's, it does sound like an advertisement, and @mazzywinters hasn't responded....

I appreciate that everyone has different experiences.
I don't appreciate that this comes across as "spammy".

Thank you.
Caveat emptor may be the better option. We hope and pray buyers do the research.

@helle-devi - Thanks for the repost, since this was done many years ago, I will update and repost it! Note that if you go the www.basenji.org (Basenji Club of America) you can find this list of how to find a responsible breeder. Note also, since I posted that many years ago there is now a direct DNA test for Fanconi and PRA, results are posted at www.ofa.org and they are public knowledge. You should always check this type of information out for yourself.

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@debradownsouth Dayna Johnson told me that her dogs were all Fanconi clear. But the puppy that I got from her is a carrier of the Fanconi Disease. It's not a big deal since he won't be breeding. But she was not honest about her dogs.
The Basenji I got from her is turning out to be a good dog. But I would highly recommend that anyone that has gotten a Basenji puppy from her be tested for Fanconi.

@wynette - This should always be checked at www.ofa.org since results are public record. But you need to have the registration number or the registered name. Of course keep in mind that this is a cheek swab that you do yourself, so there is no way to know if it is from that dog or a different one....

@tanza Tanza I know. You and I talked about it after I got my first Basenji last year.

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