• Harmony Hounds in GA is NOT the place to go for well socalized Basenjis. She is only trying to make money. Her prices are rediculious. She says her Basenjis are "RAISED AROUND THREE CHILDREN AND ARE SOCIALIZED FROM THE DAY THEY ARE BORN." Yeah, they are socialized from the day they are born by the same 3 children. No "breeder" with 3 different types of dogs can give Basenjis the attention they truly need. This is a puppy mill. She breeds dogs that have biting issues. Please reconsider before buying any dog from her. From personal experience, there are better breeders out there! Check out Jokbua Basenjis. Wonderful breeder and wonderful human being.

  • Sadly, the public has little knowledge of good breeders vs bad ones.
    The folks who do their homework do find out, but it takes some time and we live in
    the "I want it right now" society. Sigh.

  • As noted, in many other posts, check out the breeder and do not just go to one, visit breeders (responsible breeders) even if they don't have a puppy for your at that time… you will learn hopefully what is a responsible breeder is and how puppies should be raised and what to look for...

    I can also say, that I suppect that she also is using a stud that she purchased and came from a Fox Terrier/Basenji cross in New Mexico area.... just judging by the pictures of the pups on her website last year.

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