Photos of Rowdy at Play with Blue Dog

  • My friend and I loved that commercial on tv with the doxie who loves his doxie toy like the blue dog toy, so my friend bought one for Rowdy. I imagine there are lots of long stuffed toy doggies out there being played with by many different breeds and mutts! So cute.

    That's a good idea about having basenjis in the room you are in only. Our house is small and has an open type design in living room/kitchen area where we are most of the day. I guess I should close off the bedrooms.

    Rowdy has discovered that the afternoon sunshine comes in by the patio door and he likes to lie on the carpet there in front of the door. My husband had to push him to move so he could go outside, and Rowdy got upset and growled. I hope that doesn't mean something serious?

  • Some (most) Basenjis don't like being interrupted when resting. Growling is typical. I think the best way teach Rowdy to move is to have a treat of value in hand and teach a "move" command. Make sure Rowdy smells the treat and when he moves for it, treat and praise. That "move" or "off" command will be handy for when he hogs the sofa and/or bed too. 🙂 The trick is to be consistent with the treat-praises so you know he understands what the command means.

  • That's typical..cranky basenji talk. They protest & it's normal but not acceptable. So I do the same thing Jill says. We teach our dogs what we want them to do using positive methods like FOOD. What basenji can resist food!

  • Congratulations! Rowdy is a cutie. I know you will feel blessed every day you get to have Rowdy in your life and you will soon be wondering how you got by without him.

    We had a toy similar to your blue dog, it didn't last very long before it was destuffed.

  • Rowdy doesn't want to go outside. He dances just out of my hand's reach when I go to grab his collar. He thinks we are playing, while I'm getting more irritated! Even a treat doesn't tempt him. Grrr.

  • So walk out on him…just walk out of the house & leave him behind. He'll coming running to the door looking for you.

  • I agree. It sounds like he is playing. They hate to be alone. But be patient. Walk outside have a seat and turn your back to him. He will come out in time.

  • He comes out when I go out, but he doesn't go out when I want him and Jenny to go out together without me. I think with patience he'll learn that he will always get to come back in, so he might as well go out for a few minutes…I hope.

  • ha ha…nope he won't go out if YOU are inside...get it? YOU are his favorite human 😃 😃

  • Haha, yes I get it! He is so funny. He also has my trick figured out where I step outside to make him go out and then step back in real quick. He doesn't like that and can't be fooled now. Smarty.

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