• I have admired this breed for many years. I am recently retired and I would like to buy a puppy or an adult that I could train. I hope I am ready for their intelligence. I live in Minnesota and I walk enjoy daily walks so my dog would get enough exercise. Will they need a coat and shoes? Susan

  • Contact breeders in your area or rescue... www.basenji.org

  • they love the snow.....If you have a fireplace, it will be within inches of it. If they have a damp coat , you will see the steam coming up from their back.

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  • @susankharding said in Would like a basenji or maybe two:

    . Will they need a coat and shoes? Susan

    Depends on how cold it gets and also on the dog. Most of mine needed boots more than they needed a coat, especially when it was very cold. Even going out to do their business at -30F was almost impossible without some foot protection. Above zero walking becomes possible but not pleasant for the dog. My second girl was tough.....took her cross country skiing at +10F and she managed an hour, but shivered for almost half an hour once back home! No boots, either!

  • A daily walk is not enough.

  • @aphex626 - Hate to disagree, but a daily walk is fine... as long as you work their minds at home.... also...

  • I've had three basenjis. The first two lived together for many years. After they died, I acquired the third one and got her a companion (mixed breed) from the local humane society. In both instances, I was so happy that the basenjis had companions. Basenjis bore easily if they don't get enough exercise or if they don't have a distraction, like a companion. When they're bored, they can be mischievous. Good luck to you. There's rarely a a dull moment with a basenji around.

  • @aphex626 said in Would like a basenji or maybe two:

    A daily walk is not enough.

    Mine only ever get one walk a day. But it is a long one and they run free so they cover several miles and are nicely tired when they get home.

    Tired enough in fact, that they don't need entertaining too much beyond the normal mind games to get the better of Mom. LOL.

    They have a large garden to play in too although sunbathing is usually the order of the day.

  • Walking is weather dependent. When I lived in North Bay there were days that a walk was simply not possible, due to cold or storms. I had Lady for seven years before I got Tamu for company, and she did fine on her own. She got lots of attention from me, walks when we could, and I taught her a lot of behaviours. She enjoyed the run of the house and seldom got into any trouble beyond ripping up tissues if she could find them. Of course, she had her moments, like when she raced into the living room where we were entertaining guests, and deposited a used tampon for everyone to admire!

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