• Hi everyone I am starting my search to add a basenji family member to our home. Abra, our sweet heartbreaker boy, traveled over the bridge mid May. For the first time in 35 years, we are without a basenji in our lives. We are are retired military located in Virginia outside of DC. We obtained our first 2 Basenjis while Salt Lake City. While stationed in Indianapolis, we became members of the Hoosier Basenji Club (HBC) and joined the BCOA. Our last 3 basenjis came from breeders in the HBC/BCOA. The HBC has since dissolved and members scattered or passed, it has been 24 years since I had the time, money or show quality dog to put in the ring, 12 1/2 years since Abra came to us, the last National I attended was Gettysburg 2012 and just dealing with life after 9/11, Iraq War deployment followed by medical retirement of husband have taken me out of the loop developing new relationships with breeders in this area. Now with Covid-19, at high risk husband, social distancing, gathering limits, state opening up/closing back down, I feel like it could be years before I'll be fighting for blankets, pillows and bed space with a Basenji again. Looking for puppy, young dog or older dog that tolerates cats cause we currently have 3 indoor cats (proper introduction, social distance and training-no issues-Abra was 1 1/2 lure courser when placed with us). No color preference. Spay/neuter contract because I know I wouldn't be able to let the pups go without becoming an emotional wreck. Since BRAT changed their policy on testing for Falconi awhile ago, I'll be filling out their application but because the our resident cat population will probably weed out many available prospects, I intend to cast a wider net in my search. Will be starting with BCOA listing in VA first and working out as far as the Mississippi. Not chancing flying for me and/or the puppy/dog, I am happy to make the drive. If anyone knows of breeder still planning to breed or returned/disappointing keeper prospect/retired/rescue that might fit into our forever home, please feel free to suggest a potential match. I know that some conscientious breeders, for whatever the reason, might not list themselves in the BCOA but the dog community grapevine spreads the word to match pups to potential loving forever homes. Crossing my fingers that our match will be sooner rather than years.

  • Go to www.basenji.org and you can search for breeders by state. Do your research regarding health testing and breeders contracts requirements. Also you can try Basenji rescue (www.basenjirescue.org) and Camp Basenji (http://www.campbasenji.org)

  • I have five basenjis from Marjani Basenji in Virginia. She is a wonderful breeder.

  • I also am from Northern VA. I did look on the Basenji website and found two breeders in VA..Louden and King George. I am not sure how current this info is.

  • @daureen - The breeders that are on the website for Basenji.org is updated yearly as members have to pay to be listed. That is done when they renew their membership

  • cast yur net further. Have you looked outside of the US aand Canada ? I lived in Hawaii when we got our basenji and we found him in N.Z. Cost was #2000 for dog and the plane ride to Hawaii.

    Stafford Morse

  • Thanks for the feedback. I will be starting my search with suggested breeders in VA first but am totally open to looking anywhere east of the Mississippi. I don't mind a drive and prefer to meet the breeder, dogs and see environment dogs have been raised in. I hope the breeder would want to meet me to confirm their screening decision to entrust me with the lifetime care of one of their dogs.

    As for looking outside of the US, I don't see that as an option for me at this time. Canada border restrictions have been extended and quite frankly I don't see that changing considering the rapidly increasing case numbers in the US. Having been stationed Korea and Germany, I have flown with my dogs before. Even under the best conditions, it is stressful on a dog. Ground temperature restrictions, flight delays or cancellations, layovers, switching planes.....I was there in case a problem were to arise. Under the right conditions and circumstances, I could see flying a pup/dog unaccompanied cargo on a short direct flight but that would be because the breeder and I had a longstanding relationship.

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